Collateral Onboarding Calls Listing — 2021 Edition

Collateral Onboarding Calls Listing — 2021 Edition

Hello, everyone. This always up-to-date table keeps track of all the Collateral Calls that have taken place this year — or are just about to. There’s also an equivalent table for 2020 here that’s better than this one in that it features a meme.

If you’re interested in presenting, please say hi in this thread.

Date Project/Topic Presenter Link
2021-06-25T15:00:00Z Monachil Joseph McNeila (@Monachil) Link
2021-06-16T17:00:00Z GNO Token @StefanGeorge Link
2021-04-28T16:00:00Z MCO2 Token @renankruger Link
2021-04-14T17:00:00Z SolidBlock @Yael_Tamar Link
2021-04-07T18:00:00Z Bancor @markrichardson Link
2021-02-24T21:00:00Z Synthetix Kain Link
2021-02-17T18:00:00Z Fortunafi @_nick Link
2021-02-03T18:00:00Z REINNO @Viktor_REINNO, @Hristo_Piyankov, Natalia Shirshova Link
2021-01-27T18:00:00Z Lido Vasily Shapovalov Link
2021-01-20T18:00:00Z Harbor Trade Credit @bcd et al Link
2021-01-13T18:00:00Z xDai (Stake) Igor Barinov and Andrew Gross Link
2021-01-06T18:00:00Z Peoples Company Mark Moore et al Link

This is great @blimpa. On Monday I’ll add a column in the collateral prioritization / status sheet to track these (as well as the ones from 2020). I’d like to make sure all the info regarding new collateral is in that sheet. Thanks!

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