Collateral Onboarding Core (COB) Unit Update

Collateral Onboarding Core Unit Update

June 9, 2021

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Hi, all!

It has been a busy two weeks since the Collateral Onboarding Core Unit Launch Pod Session. Based upon a lot of feedback and reflection, I decided to revise and re-submit the MIPs for the Collateral Onboarding Core Unit. I appreciate all the valuable feedback from the DAO and community.

I am excited to lead this Core Unit!


So, what has changed? A LOT!

  • Name Change: Renaming the Collateral Onboarding Core Unit to Collateral Engineering Services (CES) Core Unit. The name change better reflects the focus of the Core Unit.
  • Governance Cycle: The plan is to formally submit for the July 2021 governance cycle.
  • MIP39: Simplified the MIP to focus on the key aspects of the CES Core Unit.
  • MIP40: You will want to spend some time reading this MIP. I added a significant amount of details around the budget, the budgeting process, and initial Core Unit implementation action items. Please ask questions since there is a lot of information in this MIP.
  • MIP41: Minor updates. Please watch the Launch Pod Session since it fills in the gaps on who I am and my experience with Maker.

Next Steps

  • June 9 - 25: Feedback and conversations with the community.
  • By June 25: Confirm multi-sig addresses, Auditors, & Advisors.
  • June 26 - July 6: on holiday. I am on a river trip and will not have access to the Internet. :wink:
  • July 7: Formal CES Core Unit submission.
  • July 8: Begin Phase 1 CES Core Unit implementation.
  • July 14: Begin weekly status updates for CES.
  • Early August: Formal CES Core Unit kickoff.



As always, let me know if you have any questions or feedback on the CES Core Unit!


:white_check_mark: Updated the MIPs repo with all the latest versions of CES-001 proposals.

You’re fast! I was going to submit a PR and you beat me to the update! :slight_smile: Thanks!!

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