Collateral Onboarding Updates 2020-11-18

Team: Smart Contracts
Date: 2020-11-18

In-Progress Collateral

  • GUSD
  • PAXG
  • AAVE
  • UNI
  • RenBTC
  • tBTC

Collateral assessments

Collateral onboarding work

Collateral Network Status
GUSD-A mainnet complete
GUSD-A kovan complete
PAXG-A mainnet on hold until 2021
PAXG-A kovan on hold until 2021
AAVE mainnet waiting on kovan
AAVE kovan assessment in review
UNI mainnet waiting on kovan
UNI kovan assessment in review
RENBTC-A mainnet waiting on kovan
RENBTC-A kovan waiting on assessment
TBTC-A mainnet waiting on kovan
TBTC-A kovan waiting on assessment
UNI-V2-USDC-ETH-A mainnet waiting on kovan
UNI-V2-USDC-ETH-A kovan ready for development
UNI-V2-DAI-ETH-A mainnet waiting on kovan
UNI-V2-DAI-ETH-A kovan ready for development
UNI-V2-WBTC-ETH-A mainnet waiting on kovan
UNI-V2-WBTC-ETH-A kovan waiting on assessment

Kovan Details

  • GUSD-A (kovan)
GUSD:            "0x31D8EdbF6F33ef858c80d68D06Ec83f33c2aA150"
PIP_GUSD:        "0xb6630DE6Eda0f3f3d96Db4639914565d6b82CfEF"
MCD_JOIN_GUSD_A: "0x0c6B26e6AB583D2e4528034037F74842ea988909"
MCD_FLIP_GUSD_A: "0xf6c0e36a76F2B9F7Bd568155F3fDc53ff1be1Aeb"

Mainnet Details

  • GUSD-A (mainnet)
GUSD:            "0x056Fd409E1d7A124BD7017459dFEa2F387b6d5Cd"
PIP_GUSD:        "0xf45Ae69CcA1b9B043dAE2C83A5B65Bc605BEc5F5"
MCD_JOIN_GUSD_A: "0xe29A14bcDeA40d83675aa43B72dF07f649738C8b"
MCD_FLIP_GUSD_A: "0xCAa8D152A8b98229fB77A213BE16b234cA4f612f"

More Information


Thank you! I have a question on the LP token onboarding… Do these assets need to be onboarded again to be compatible with MIP30 or do they become instantly compatible once that MIP passes?


Given MIP30, the plan is to make the join adapters for the LP tokens have a “strategy”. On initial deploy, this strategy will be null. Governance can then anoint a strategy later to take advantage of UNI rewards if they choose.


Sounds awesome!

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