Community Call: Let's Talk About Layer 2 | Apr 13, 16:00 UTC

Community Call: Let’s Talk About Layer 2 | Apr 13, 16:00 UTC

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Special Guests
Igor Barinov | xDai
Andrey Bugaevski | Incognito Protocol
Kris Kaczor | Maker Foundation (Repping Optimism & L2 Generalist)

State of L2s
Generalized Ideas about MakerDAO L2 Integrations
L1 scaling impact on L2 usage
Open Q&A

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cc: @krzkaczor @igorbarinov @Andrey_Incognito


I hate to be that guy but xDai isn’t layer 2. We should all be sure to remember that as it doesn’t have the security guarantees of Ethereum. Scaling is important but let’s make sure we all understand the tradeoffs.


My understanding is that it is an L2, just one with different/worse security guarantees. I am curious what xDai can do to improve its security and if it will be relevant for the coming L2 season.

This community call is of course about getting educated and exploring these topics. So maybe you are right @Aaron_Bartsch

“Layer 2” term indicates scaling with similar security properties as the main chain.

Despite xDAI not being a real L2 (it’s PoA chain) it is an important project trying to scale by sacrificing security. And we all know that this can be very successful (think BNB).


What about ZK-rollups like those from Starkware and Matter Labs? They seem very promising and are already live.


I know Kris is knowledgeable about them.

Do you know anyone who is passionate and knowledgeable on zxrollups?

I’ve been Dming people but no one can make it yet.


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Interesting call and thanks for sharing. It’s a difficult decision to take isn’t?
By going through the threads everyone seem to have a different opinion and is all a bit fragmented.
Are there people assigned to this problem on the core team?
What are the next steps?

In my opinion: I am more for having vaults & governance using rollups while staying on Ethereum.
Even though I see why, I don’t like the idea to deploy to other L1s, even to see adoption. Especially not BSC. They can bridge DAI and use it, but the issuance shouldn’t happen there. To me Maker is a synonym for security, decentralization and trust. BSC doesn’t have those values


I think recent developments in the L2 space that happened after the call might also be of interest.

I really think Loopring’s solution is secure, decentralized (in the custodial sense) and easy enough to use that it should be a prime candidate.

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