Community Development Portal Feedback

Hi everyone, I’m Lesa
I’m a part of the Maker Community Messaging team. :wave:t4:

We’re searching for Maker Community Portal users to give us feedback on the new website. Your responses will help us ensure that the portal is serving the community’s needs.

The survey takes about 10 minutes. As a show of thanks, we’ll send you an item of Maker Swag!

Are you up for it?

If so ---- > here’s the link!



Hi Lesa, was doing it, but in the second question, it says select all that applied, but if i choose one it continues, doesn’t let me choose multiple options, is that ok?

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Hey @Lozadaluis12

Thanks for pointing that out so quickly! We’ve just fixed it.
Refresh + try again?


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Yup worked fine, maybe 20-22 or 21-23 should be multiple choice too (don’t remember quite good, where like de social media ones), but everything worked fine, feedback sent :airplane: