Community Development Team Launches Community Development Portal

The Community Development team (shoutouts to Amy Jung, David Utrobin and Tim Black) is excited to announce the re-launch of the Community Development Portal with a new stack built on Gatsby and MDX.

Check it out:

The Portal is a community-driven effort to spread awareness, educate, and grow the MakerDAO community. It also works as an onboarding tool and educational resource for current and new contributors.

The Portal is broken down into three sections, Learn, Contribute, and Funding.

Learn provides an introduction to all things MakerDAO. For example, the community has put together extensive documentation on the Governance process including a detailed breakdown of the Governance and Risk Framework.

Contribute introduces a call to action to join the MakerDAO Community development team and contribute to MakerDAO’s extended community. It also houses all documentation on our various programs and how to participate in them.

Funding is a place to learn about and apply for grants to support community projects, hackathons, meetups, and more. Have an idea for a project to provide value to the MakerDAO ecosystem? Check out this section to learn how to apply and view previously funded projects.

The portal is a living project and we invite the community to check out the maintenance plan on our github, which powers the whole site. If you find typos, dead links, or outdated information, you can suggest an edit with this maintenance workflow.

Not only are you invited to learn and participate in growing MakerDAO’s extended community, we would love your help in promoting the Portal to the public.

Let people know they can use the website to learn more about MakerDAO and to find out how to put their skills to use in order to contribute and earn DAI. Share with your friends, family and the extended Maker community!



This is beautiful. Thank you to everyone involved!


This is awesome!! Definitely will share and will help onboard new users, congratulations!


So proud of the work from all the community contributors who made this a reality!