Community development usability testing signup

We’re looking for volunteers to take part in some usability testing. We’re rethinking the community development platform to try and make it easier to use and navigate. And we’d like to get your input in the process.

So if you’re interested in improving the community development portal, thereby improving the Maker community at large, please do sign up!

You don’t have to have contributed before to take part. But it helps if you’ve thought about contributing in the past.

What to expect from the session

  • Quick chat about your experiences with the MakerDAO community and contributing
  • We’ll run through a few hypothetical tasks to test some of the latest design choices

The sessions should take ~45 mins, but please make sure you have an hour free just in case.

If you’re interested…

Reach out to me (DM or in replies) and let me know your timezone and availability. I’ll then book in a Zoom call.


Hi @ryancreatescopy, i can help you guys even if i don’t have much time currently. I like the community here, that’s why i would give you a hand if needed. Feel free to reply me, it might take a bit to give you a reply since i am really busy but i will.

See ya !

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Thanks @Sirlupinwatson1 – DM me an email address (on here or and I’ll try and get something booked in. Any idea of when would be most convenient for you?

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