Compensation Plan Forum Poll

Informal Forum Compensation Plan Poll

Governance is planning to put the following Poll up for the Compensation plan on-chain next week so it seemed reasonable to put this up for an informal forum poll. Expectation here is that vault holders will skew any signal so this is just an informal poll to re-engage the community on the topic.

I have never put up a poll so may end up editing this a few times so bear with me.

From Vault Compensation Plan Approval Poll - Google Docs


The Vault Compensation Plan was discussed in the Forums and presented on the June 25 Maker Governance and Risk Call. Voters are encouraged to review the plan document and discussion to inform their position before voting.

If you vote “No,” it would be of great help if you could post in this thread to explain why you do not support the plan and suggest improvements.

Next Steps

If this poll is decided as “Yes” then Maker governance will proceed with the series of votes and steps laid out in the Plan document, beginning with Phase 1.

If the poll is decided as “No” then additional discussion can take place in the forums to determine what changes are necessary to gain community support.

Signal your support for the proposed Vault Compensation Plan.
discussion link: Vault Compensation Plan Proposal
vote type: Single Selection


  • Abstain
  • Yes
  • No

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@MakerMan What’s the deadline of this vote?

I figured to leave it open as an informal poll until the on-chain poll goes up next week.