Connecting ledger live

Hej I have a question. I have made a vault on oasis app to borrow and connected my ledger live. I don’t see the funds on the ledger, they seem to be gone since I opened the vault which was april 12th. Do you guys have any idea where I can see the vault and its history? On ledger live I have history just until april 12th. Does that mean I have not been liquidated? or are my funds gone? Please help. Also I have problems connecting the ledger live to the oasis dapp. Is there i way I can check in without connecting the device?

You can check what is going on with your vault using Put in your public address there.

For quicker answers and for questions like these in general, I suggest using Maker Chat and asking there.

Great advice, thanks!

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How is the price of eth decided within maker? Wasnt there a problem in the March crash of last year that eth was sold way below the price of other exchanges and so many got liquidated when they in fact shouldn’t have been or have I understood something wrong?

Hey, @Lunar_node.


Maker has a very robust Oracles System. You can watch @NikKunkel describe this in this video.

Black Thursday

Here’s an article that describes more in detail what happened on Black Thursday.

TL;DR: congestion in the Ethereum network led to a (very) suboptimal liquidation process.

Liquidations 2.0

The good news: Maker has been busy improving! It has launched Liquidations 2.0 which is a much better way of avoiding suboptimal auctions.

It was battle-tested yesterday, as the markets nose-dived. The results so far are quite encouraging.

also, I’d suggest connecting the wallet address with your vault to Zapper or Zerion – both offer easy UIs to follow the your vault’s health. Agree with @AstronautThis that defiexplore is a good resource as well.