Consider Voting for MIP49 - Staking Rewards

Hello everyone!

After months of drafting and revision MIP49 Staking Rewards is up for its inclusion poll. This all started from a great idea of @hexonaut 's that we could keep the hat safer by incentivizing people to put their MKR in the Governance contract.

There’s been plenty of debate on the topic and I don’t wish to rehash it all here, but rather kindly ask you to consider voting for this implementation. As a collaboration between members of GovAlpha and Protocol Engineering, we have set this MIP up for success with clear governance controls and code that is ready for launch. The only question is if the community is in support of this measure.

With the growing pressure on yield generation for MKR tokens outside of the protocol, this MIP would help combat the economic incentives to place your MKR out somewhere where it could be borrowed for a malicious attack. Moreover, as it is designed to divert funds that would otherwise be burned, it represents no change to the spending amount of our budget.

Ultimately the votes will tell us how the community feels, so if you’re in support of this idea I would greatly appreciate showing it in the polls.


Send it! I hope everyone agrees that is the best course of action.


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