Content Production Bi-Weekly Update: July 8 - July 21, 2021

Greetings from the Content Production Core Unit!

This is the last bi-weekly update in our first quarter of operations so in addition to our usual updates, we’re including a quarterly update and will share an update on accounting in our next bi-weekly report.

Quarterly Update

Looking back at our mandate and the roadmap outlined in our original proposal, the Content team has successfully executed the plans we laid out with a few pivots to adjust to unforeseen circumstances.

We’ve incorporated an LLC to help protect contributors from liability and while onboarding with Opolis has not gone quite as smoothly as we would’ve liked, using them to manage payroll helps us save a significant amount of time in dealing with payroll and tax reporting and allows us to offer more comprehensive compensation packages to contributors based in the US.

Our Request-For-Content process, while admittedly simple and informal, has been generating steady requests so while we’re always open to suggestions for improvement, that process appears to be satisfactory for the time being.

When drafting our original proposal, it appeared we would have legal, technical, and design support coming from other Core Units.

The lack of technical support has been an obstacle to progress on the Community Portal and after a recent consultation, we’ve decided to rebuild the site due to ongoing issues with the site’s content management system (CMS).

We appreciate the work Rejon and the Portal team put into the Community Portal and were looking forward to keeping this piece of Community Development alive but it’s just not suiting our needs. The Portal will live on, but with a friendlier CMS to deal with.

We’ve gotten enough information from various sources to feel comfortable with our legal position for now and look forward to growing our understanding of our legal position through collaboration with the Legal CU being incubated in SES.

And for design, we made room in the budget for an additional role to address our needs around design and community management and Kat Obermeyer has joined our team and rejoined MakerDAO to fill that role.

The most obvious deviation to our roadmap, from our perspective, is the writing role we still need to fill. We had a candidate slotted for the role who had to cancel for personal reasons and we’re currently reviewing candidates for the position.

I’m particularly proud of the work the team’s accomplished producing video content. We’re expanding the distribution of the information aggregated in Maker Relay to reinforce MakerDAO’s leadership in DAO governance and working on plans for explainer videos to help make it easier to understand what MakerDAO is and how it works.

Those efforts have been led by John Marshall with support on design from Kat, audio from Jerry, and scripts by Alec.

Next Quarter

In the coming quarter, our focus will be on continuing to expand our content production efforts

Administrative Updates

  • Next quarter’s budget is passing
  • Paid contributors
  • Requested a refund for overpayment to Quickbooks

Content Production




Articles/Written Content

  • Dai on Different Chains #2
  • Maker Relay Ep 53 and 54 in collaboration with GovComms
  • Met with GovComms to plan audio/video updates based on Maker Relay

Promotional Content

Community Portal

  • Community Portal now redirects from to
  • After getting input from a developer on maintaining the CMS, we’ve decided to rebuild the portal using something more manageable. The Comm Portal will live on, but with a different CMS. More details as we get plans together for the overhaul.

Looking Ahead

In the coming weeks, we’ll be:

As always, check out our Transparency Dashboard to see what we’re working on and please join us for our weekly Office Hours on Tuesdays at 14:30 UTC.


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