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Hi everyone, this is Philipp from the DIA team ( We would love to contribute to the Maker community, for instance with a light feed.
As we are a non-exchange application, I do have a few questions. There has been a short thread about light feeds and non-exchange applications quite a while ago:
Light Feeds and Non-Exchange Applications
From what I understand, the proposals of infura and etherscan have been accepted. However, I cannot find them in the setzer tool or the oracles (at least by name). Did I miss a tool?
I would greatly appreciate if anyone could enlighten me on how these to contribute to the price-feeds or to Maker in general. This could help us to develop more ideas on how to contribute as well.
What we can offer for sure is a solid price calculation algorithm which is fed by trading data from a multitude of DEXes and CEXes.
How does the community feel about adding a price feed of our DIA token as collateral?
Looking forward to your thoughts!

Hi Philipp. I think you misunderstand what it means to be a Light Feed. Maker Governance provides the Data Model (sources and algorithm) and tooling (client) that Light Feeds run to calculate canonical prices. Not relying on aggregated data and instead querying raw data from exchanges both centralized and decentralized is a fundamental property of that.

Nonetheless, you’re welcome to apply to be a Light Feed. You would have to fill out a MIP10c14 Application and publish it on the forum. That being said, Light Feeds are entities that Maker Governance chooses to trust. Thusly, the qualifications for becoming a Light Feed center heavily on having a longstanding and strong reputation in the space. I’ve never heard of diadata, and I wager neither have most of our users. I’m not seeing how onboarding diadata as a Light Feed benefits the Maker Protocol.

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