🚀 Core Unit Launch Pod Sessions ||| Session #1: Growth Core Unit

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Welcome to Core Unit Launch Pod Sessions!

In our first session, @Nadia and the team behind GRO-001, the Growth Core Unit will dive into the details of their proposal, budget, and execution.

We’ll also cover the different things that they’ve have done in the past, how all these activities have had a positive impact to promote Dai, and what their plan for world domination is.

Word has it that we will be joined by special guests, so don’t miss it.




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Can’t wait to hear about The Growth Core Unit! Starting in a few minutes!

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:rocket: Core Unit Launch Pod Sessions ||| Session #1: Growth Core Unit





Juan Guillén

Agenda and Preamble

  • Hi, everyone. Welcome to the Core Unit Launch Pod Sessions #01. In this case, we have the Growth Core Unit. Nadia and her team are here to talk a little bit more about how they are going to approach this project in general, the budget, and the whole MIP.
  • For more episodes of the series, follow this link


Growth Core Unit with Nadia (00:35)

22:09 — Juan Guillén: I think Gustav mentioned the methodical approach. How do you work to onboard the partners, identify them, see how the process is… What are these tools that you use both individually and as a team?
32:37 — Tim Black: There’s quite an overlap with the Integrations team. Is that correct? Am I understanding right?

34:54 — Gustav Arentoft introduces Georgy Sokolov from Wirex
41:43 — Jen Senhaji introduces Nadia Taiga and Andy Alekhin from Snark.art
48:45 — Mariano DiPietrantonio introduces Henri from Buenbit

55:19 — Frank Cruz: This is going to be a post-Foundation movement. How do you think you’re going to scale Dai compared to the previous 12 months?
01:02:28 — Juan Guillén: How would you recommend MKR holders to judge your performance moving forward?
01:06:02 — Juan Guillén: How do you define when a partner is actually onboarded? Is it when they have Dai in their product or is it when they sign or when they commit…?
01:07:28 — Frank Cruz: Luis, you’re into xDai out in Venezuela. I was just wondering how others are handling the issue with the gas prices? How’s Buenbit dealing with this? And how important is it for the Maker Community to move to a Layer 2 or should we stay on the Layer 1 and let Dai make its way to Layer 2 on its own?
01:11:57 — Juan Guillén: Can you walk us a little bit through the budget? What are you guys thinking in terms of salaries, incentives…? How are you planning on incentivizing the team?


Juan Guillén

Thanks again for coming. It was great having you. If you want to know more about this proposal and the team, you can look it up in the forum, where it’s properly tagged. We’ll see you soon.


@blimpa produced this summary. Everyone who spoke and presented on the call, listed in the headers.


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