🚀 Core Unit Launch Pod Sessions ||| Session #16: Strategic Happiness Core Unit

:rocket: Core Unit Launch Pod Sessions ||| Session #16: Strategic Happiness Core Unit

For the 16th episode of CULPS, Andrew Burban (@aburban90) will talk about his proposed Strategic Happiness Core Unit, whose mandate can be boiled down to:

Shitposting :poop: & Airdrops :package:

You can read its subproposal set on the MIPs portal or on the forum.

As usual, anyone can join and ask to their heart’s content. @juan will be doing the hosting :slightly_smiling_face:


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The full call is now available for review on the MakerDAO Youtube Channel:


After reading the MIP39c2-SP11, this session has cemented the idea that this is a necessary CU within Maker.

Kudo’s to @aburban90 for delivering a classic presentation on why this is necessary.

You should have been speaking in terms of DAI, not dollars! :man_facepalming:


Core Unit Launch Pod Session - Episode #16

September 8th, 2021


  • 00:00: Intro with Juan Guillén
  • 00:29: Presenting Strategic Hapinness CU with Andrew Burban
  • 22:40: Discussion
  • 39:36: Outro




Juan Guillén

Agenda and Preamble


  • Hello everyone! Welcome to CULPS #16. We are here with Andrew Burban. We will be discussing the Strategic Happiness Core Unit.
  • For other episodes of CULPS, please check the forum.


Andrew Burban



22:40 - Evyta: I am part of the Talent CU. I got a hoodie from Jeremy. I had to pay some customs. Are you thinking of shipping to people in Europe from Europe to avoid those costs? It is tricky to pay for a gift.

24:24 - Antarctica: Is Maker coming to India?

24:45 - Someone (from chat): Are you planning to expand on digital swags aka NFCs

25:52 - Brian MacMichael: I see this as a grassroots marketing arm from a business perspective. In the past, we have had an enterprise marketing approach. Still, the guerrilla-style marketing that is proposed here is more crypto native. You are going to build more engaged fans who are then going to promote the message for us. If you create this good image out there, we do not have to do it. It would be good for MakerDAO and all of us.

27:18 - Payton Rose: Can you expand on the facilitator role? What differentiates this as a Core Unit as opposed to just applying for funding?

30:20 - Juan Guillén: Can you comment on what you are planning to do on the first three months?

32:23 - Juan Guillén: Some of the incubees on the SES Incubator team said it would be nice to receive something. I am guessing that is the same for PE or other CUs. Potentially there could be some cross coordination between different CUs or partnerships.

34:07: Payton Rose: What about partnerships with existing CUs? Have you thought about how you could collaborate with others at all? For example, you could team up with Growth CU to work with the swag shop.

35:24 - Frank Cruz: Do you see yourself doing something outside of crypto, Twitter, Lisbon, or any of those events? Setting up a booth at festivals where you are going to give away free gear but maybe have the average public take a small test on their phone, make questions on Dai, etc.?

38:39 - Juan Guillén: Any preferred platform for people to reach out to you? Any last comments

Closing Comment

Juan Guillén



  • Thank you to everyone for coming!


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