🚀 Core Unit Launch Pod Sessions ||| Session #18: MakerLabs

:rocket: Core Unit Launch Pod Sessions ||| Session #18: MakerLabs

For the 18th episode of CULPS, Tim Schuppener (@ultraschuppi) will be presenting the MakerLabs Core Unit, whose purpose is to provide pathways for revolutionary product ideas. Subproposals can be found here:

As usual, anyone can join and ask question to their heart’s content. @juan will be doing the hosting :slightly_smiling_face:


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Core Unit Launch Pod Session - Episode #18

October 6th, 2021


  • 00:00: Intro with Juan Guillén
  • 00:58: Discussion and Questions about MakerLabs CU with Collin Raddatz, Adam Urban, and Tim Schuppener.
  • 53:56: Outro




Juan Guillén

Agenda and Preamble


  • Hi to everyone. Welcome to Core Unit Launch Session episode #18. My name is Juan. I am the facilitator from SES CU. I am joined by a group of people interested in everything CU-related. Today we are with the “to be” team from MakerLabs CU. Collin Raddatz, Adam Urban, and Tim Schuppener will be telling us what all this is about.
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Tim Schuppener



16:40 - Someone: From a very pragmatic perspective, I heard from the team members that you intend to quit your current job to become this MVP Unit for Maker. I do not see a roadmap beyond three months, and the value of the CU is still not demonstrated. It is important to understand and to demonstrate the value in advance of burning the ship. You do not burn the ship before it is too close to shore. I saw a one-quarter road map, and the cost is significant.

20:35 - Someone: What is the life cycle of eurDAI? You would take it, run it, get it operational. Then where does it go? Who maintains it? PE is quite backlogged. One of the issues with Maker is that the CU is the only structure. I heard from you that it would be analogous to being a third-party service provider, putting a proposal for each product forward, and then letting Maker sign off the projects and fund them. We do not have that structure. The CU is the most effective structure right now. The question is in two parts. What happens with the products after? Who is going to maintain them because we do not have that technical talent? Let’s say on the fourth month, nobody is willing to take it on. Are you still going to operate eurDAI? Are you willing to do that and to commit to that? On the other side, what about doing these MVPs and testing? We need people who will own the projects end-to-end. Otherwise, we end up in a position where there is nobody to take it over, and we end up with a bunch of underdeveloped products.

23:46 - Frank Cruz: Is it fair to say that MakerLabs, this possible CU, can create a prototype but cannot maintain it? Is that correct? If you create the next prototype besides eurDAI, is this something that someone like PE will have to take over? Also, would it be possible to work with someone like StarkNet CU? How do you see the role of MakerLabs in the development of CK rollups, Layer2s? Do you have any experience in that, and can you build a prototype for that? Are you going to build the prototype and let someone else maintain it?

29:50 - Planet_X: How minimal is the minimal viable products (MVP)? Is it so minimal that only developers can play with it? Or will it include the graphical user interfaces and everything so that the wider community can interact with it?

32:55 - Planet_X: Let’s say that the MVP is working but that nobody picks up on it in the Maker organization afterward. Would it be possible to use bug bounties - paying people to try to hack it - to harden the product for scaling it beyond the first handful of million eurDai?

35:06 - Planet_X: What is the longest project you have been involved with?

36:30 - Juan Guillén: Regarding the eurDAI, you mentioned something about doing legal research to see if it was feasible. Let’s say that it is not for any given reason or that there will be too much risk involved for you three or the DAO in general. Do you have a Plan B to work on, or is it something that you would see down the line?

38:24 - Payton Rose: In terms of how you might be sourcing community input. Are you looking to get suggestions or ask from CUs? Is this something that is going to be more forum or call-based? Have you thought about that?

39:58 - RoJo: The first project that you will be working on is eurDAI. As you move along, you will assess whether or not that is a viable product based upon a variety of factors like inputs from the community, your team, and others. If you decide that it is not a project that you want to move forward with. Are you willing to take input and feedback from the community to work on whatever the next thing is that the community deems necessary for the protocol?

41:08 - RoJo: In a lot of organizations that I have been involved with, there have been labs, like you propose, or some sort of incubator or skunkworks that happens inside of the organization. The projects that they work on a lot of times are dictated by other factors besides the community. I heard several comments about how you like the bootstrap stuff. I appreciate that because I think innovations are needed in the protocol. At the same time, sometimes there is work that you do not like to do, but it is necessary. Can you give us your thoughts on that? We are not going to throw work and tell you what you have to work on without letting you have any input. I am not suggesting that at all.

44:17 - LongForWisdom: If the community decides or thinks we should be working on some other cool new awesome project rather than eurDAI. Would you consider moving to that? I am imagining a hypothetical scenario where the DAO suddenly decides that we are going in a whole new direction. If eurDAI does not fit into that direction for whatever reason, even before the black product market has been approved for eurDAI, would you consider moving to something else if it was something you are aligned with?

47:07 - Frank Cruz: If someone said that MakerDAO is more in need of maintenance and quality products versus prototypes. Because we need teams, CUs, that can make things from the start to go live and to be able to pivot. What would your answer be to someone who is an opponent to that?

48:59 - Frank Cruz: Besides the community giving you feedback, how do you get product/market fit for different regions of the world? South America has a different view on financial freedom versus Germany. How do you get a vision of what product/market fit DAI can play well in the sandbox?

51:00 - Frank Cruz: Is MakerLabs more designed for someone who is looking for the value proposition versus the grow proposition?

51:43 - Juan Guillén: What is the best way to contact you for anyone watching this later?

52:12 - Juan Guillén: Anything else that the MakerLabs team would like to add?

Closing Comment

Juan Guillén



  • Thanks to everyone for coming. It was great having you. Let’s keep the discussions going at forum.maker.com. I will see you everyone around.


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Thanks everybody who joined the party tonight. I really liked the conversation with you! Just do me one favor and do not abstain - if you don’t like it, please vote against the proposal. I rather get this plan destroyed right now.

happy to answer any follow up questions over here or by DM


This full call is now available for review on the MakerDAO Youtube channel:

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