🚀 Core Unit Launch Pod Sessions ||| Session #2: Governance Alpha Core Unit

:rocket: Core Unit Launch Pod Sessions ||| Session #2: Governance Alpha Core Unit

In this session @LongForWisdom will be telling us about Core Unit GOV-001: GovAlpha, its budget, its personnel-to-be (@Prose11, @elihu, and @blimpa will be there too (or we’ll try)), and going as deep on its details as – well, as your questions demand. It’s gonna be a moderated open mic evening and you’re all invited to join us with your inquires. Bring your curiosity! :eye: :ear: :heart:


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So pumped :slight_smile:

I got one for Alpha right away.
It is about aligning of compensation for the various Core Units. It is fully OK that they are not the same and so on but I feel we as a community should try to make it not too crazy.

Very excited for the podcast! I’m sure we’ll have some great discussions!

@Planet_X, are you able to elaborate? What stands out to you?

Starting soon!!

I’d like to thank @juan for organizing this engaging session, @Longforwisdom for a great presentation, and everyone who showed up and participated in the discussion!


:rocket: Core Unit Launch Pod Sessions ||| Session #2: GovAlpha Core Unit





Juan Guillén

Agenda and Preamble

  • Hello, everyone. Today we have the Governance Alpha Core Unit, so we have LongForWisdom with his team and they will be presenting the mandate, what they are planning to achieve, budgets, and personnel-to-be.
  • For more episodes of the series, follow this link


GovAlpha Core Unit with LongForWisdom (00:43)

05:30 — Juan Guillén: How do you see neutrality? Is it more like making sure that all the possible points are covered in a discussion, potentially taking sides that you don’t agree with, or is it more like making sure that everyone’s voice being heard?

06:59 — Juan Guillén: How would you think that things would work if there were no governance facilitation?

08:10 — David Utrobin: Do you think that Governance Facilitators have a duty to bring up the things about certain proposals that might be hidden from the author? Should Facilitators try to surface obvious issues in whatever might be overlooked by the community?

09:26 — Amy Jung: You speak a lot about current processes and I’m wondering if there’s an aspect of the mandate that has to do with new processes or even about improving the current governance process, may that be something small or it could be drastically different.

13:38 — Juan Guillén: When you say Facilitators, potentially that means that the MKR holders will vote them to also be part of this core unit as Facilitators, right?

14:01 — Juan Guillén: How would you try to make sure that the quality is there for a contributor to become a Facilitator? And once that’s done, how do you see them to be ready to be a Facilitator?

15:42 — Juan Guillén: You’re going to be aiming for three Facilitators. It’s probably ideal to have an odd number of Facilitators for agreement reasons. But in the case that there are two or four or something, do you have a formal process for Facilitator decision-making within the Facilitators?

19:47 — Juan Guillén: Do you potentially see, like, hiring more people or getting more people to contribute, or do you think that this would be a pretty solid team for what you need in the short term?

21:04 — David Utrobin: Do you see a world where you would have the full-time MIP Editor or somebody from the GovAlpha team look over the entire MIPs cannon and make proposals around ways to make things more efficient et cetera? Does your core unit cover those kinds of projects?

25:23 — Juan Guillén:

26:30 — Tim Black: I’m curious about the operational manual. The forum itself is a bit of an intimidating place to onboard through. Do you envision that being adjacent to the forum or…?

27:47 — Frank Cruz: With regards to SourceCred and incentives to keep people motivated, how do you plan on dealing? Is that a job for you as far as keeping the community members focused and not burnt-out?

30:28 — Juan Guillén: I want to echo what Amy was saying in the chat, that sometimes people have a hard time navigating the governance of Maker, or the community. It’s not very evident since the structure is very flat compared to other hierarchical models.

31:39 — What does your team foresee as far as streamlining the whole governance process? Is that something you are going to push for? Are you going to make a push for automating governance this way?

34:06 — Frank Cruz: And how close have you come to choosing another Governance Facilitator, like your Second-in-command?

37:12 — Frank Cruz: I think you’re missing the health benefits and the MKR vesting options.

38:38 — Juan Guillén: Potentially you won’t need it in the next three months, but eventually you might need to cover events or offsites or something like that.

39:10 — David Utrobin: For part-time contributors, what’s your approach? Are you giving them a partial salary or are you tracking hours carefully and doing it through an hourly rate?

40:12 — David Utrobin: What kind of expectations should Maker Governance have with regards to self-reporting on progress, blockers, etcetera?

41:47 — Payton Rose: Right now it doesn’t seem to be a large need for a legal structure for the GovAlpha team, but is that something you thought about or something you can see in the future needing to take place in terms of having to pay contributors or different entities…?


Juan Guillén

Long, where can people find you and ask you questions directly about this? (43:19). Thanks, everyone, for coming.


@blimpa produced this summary. Everyone who spoke and presented on the call, listed in the headers.


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