🚀 Core Unit Launch Pod Sessions ||| Session #6: MakerDAO Shop Core Unit

:rocket: Core Unit Launch Pod Sessions ||| Session #6: MakerDAO Shop Core Unit

Hello, everyone. For the 6th CULPS we’ll be joined by Coulter Mulligan (@coulter) and Mike Porcaro (@MakerMikeP), who’ll be talking about their proposed Core Unit (currently in Formal Submission) MDS-001: MakerDAO Shop. Here’s the relevant forum posts:

@juanjuan will be doing the hosting :heart: Join us! It’s free!


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Very interested to know why a (de) Central Bank needs a “swap shop” to sell baby clothes and cell phone covers. Does anyone else think that makes us look silly? Swap shops are more for selling makeup or underwear on Instagram, not for directing the marketing of complicated financial services to retail consumers. This whole approach just seems ill-fit for DeFi and a better fit for some lifestyle and wellness channel on YouTube where people sit around drinking kale and buckwheat shots.


I disagree. Swag shops are great for branding/marketing. Having MKR or DAI users wearing DAI/MKR branded accessories in the real world starts conversations and creates more awareness. This also costs us nothing so there is literally no downside. Most every other protocol has branded accessories so it’s not ill-fitted to DeFi. It’s a great idea. Lot’s of us want Nik’s hat, now we can finally get it!


Aaron – should the DAO be spending time and money on baby gear and hats? Relying on “awareness” is a false prophet – sure, it was great handing out t-shirts at conferences but what kinda of long term engagement will that get the DAO. And what are we focused on, selling hats with “cool” logos or seeing Maker integrated by Fortune 100 financial institutions world wide? Long-term priorities dictate that we focus on real potential, not selling swag (and barely making any money for it). A waste of time and effort.

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We’re not spending any time on it. It’s a couple guys who are giving 50% of the profits to the DAO for the rights to use branding. Those guys are bringing what value they can to the DAO and probably wouldn’t be onboarding millions to Maker if they weren’t doing that so I’m not sure where you’re getting this “waste of time” thing from. This thing is decentralized and anyone can come along and contribute how they see fit. If MKR holders see it as a “waste of time” then they can vote against it.

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I doubt it’ll be material to Maker, but I would encourage the Shop folks to contact me about possible collaboration on social media. If they can provide the right angle, I can at least get them some free advertising to start off with.

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@Tosh9.0 , @Aaron_Bartsch , I agree with you both.

I think that these initiatives should happen at some level, but I’m less sure about every single vendor forming a Core Unit.

I would prefer that either an existing Core Unit takes over this “agreement”, or a new one is formed so that it can look for more partners, cover different geographical areas, re-negotiate when necessary.

I don’t think that the MKR Governance should be examining each single agreement we have.

If we’re using @SebVentures Real World Finance to proxy all the agreements with these assets, shouldn’t we do something similar for these things?

@Nadia ? @Kathleen ? Any take on this?

Swag shop has excellent potentials as it will probably include NFTs, which is becoming popular and can be very profitable in the long run.

It would make sense to fall under the Strategic Marcomms. However, it is a unit that @MakerMikeP and @Coulter have put together. I would like to hear what they think about this.

If it is a choice between Growth and Strategic Marcomms, it would naturally fall under Strategic Marcomms.

Edit: More details are added to reflect my view on this.

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No please.

Unification of Core Units, unless it’s clearly the most efficient and cost-effective way to go by far, is not desirable.

Strategic Marcomms (if approved as a Core Unit) will be 100% able to communicate and interact with the MakerDAO Shop Core Unit (if approved), and independently discuss and agree on ideas/strategies.

I totally agree with this.

We should promote the spawning of these initiatives without forcing them under the umbrella/control/direction of other Core Units.

If this will eventually make us look silly, we can just stop the Core Unit and halt the activity (related to MakerDAO at least).


I am not sure if I will be able to attend the call, today (@juanjuan , @blimpa ).

If I am not there, could somebody please ask the following question:


  1. Assume the Core Unit is approved and has been successfully running for a while :slight_smile:
  2. Further assume that at some point, for whatever reason, MakerDAO decides that is it not appropriate anymore to have this Core Unit run the shop (and use the MakerDAO logos etc).

how would a “stop of activities” work? How many months of notice would you need before closing (assuming you’d agree to halt). Would you agree to stop using the Logos/etc, if that is the case?


You’re not getting it, Aaron (big surprise /s). MakerDAO’s product is unregulated financial services marketed to “anyone” (apparently, including babies). It doesn’t matter that the time is minimal – selling “swag” for any of this stuff is irresponsible. And yes, as you point out Maker is “decentralized” and “anyone can come along and contribute”. Still, however, that doesn’t mean that every looney tune idea that comes down the pipe should be celebrated and cheered into the rafters.

I thought we were nicely moving towards a convergent point in the discussion. If you alienate @Aaron_Bartsch , he won’t be so open to a conversation anymore.


Although we could use those products for our partners, running a shop is out of our scope. If the shop is an independent “all-crypto swag store” and we treat it as a partner who integrates Maker’s brand -and you can pay with Dai-, in that case, we could make a formal agreement with them

Hey @Tosh9.0, wanted to step in and remind everyone to try to observe the basic rules of Social Decorum. While disagreement and challenging ideas is an important part of the DAO, it’s important that it’s the ideas that are being prodded as personal insults do not encourage debate. I encourage you to continue to engage with this topic, but let’s focus on the merits of the proposal.


Prose – I focused on the merits and have always been respectful in my tone (unfortunately that courtesy has not always been repaid). At some point in time, this community needs to stop being so fragile to criticism — half the time it’s like walking on eggshells with the amount of sensitivity and condescending remarks (like the ones you just gave me). Let’s focus on substance and avoiding subtle forms of censorship (complaining about people’s “tone,” for one) going forward.

Relevant to some of this, I brought up my concerns from the call:

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Well looks like I missed the mark as I didn’t want any of my comment to seem condescending or even suggest censorship. I felt the comment toward Aaron was sarcastic and merely wanted to reiterate @juanjuan in saying that if you want to convince people of your point of view, attacking the intelligence of someone engaging with you and calling this proposal a “looney tune idea” isn’t the most constructive way to go about that.

To your point about the “need” for this type of thing in DeFi, it’s definitely a value judgement. From my end things like Unisocks show the powerful effect some swag plus a bit of marketing can have. That is to say, we wouldn’t be the first DeFi project exploring the use of swag and I think this proposal was made in good faith. You clearly don’t agree with the effectiveness of this and that’s super valuable feedback, but will likely fall on better ears without the personal attacks.

I am genuinely curious what place you think marketing should have as we go forward without the Foundation, that insight would probably inform some of the opinions you’ve shared on this thread.


Here’s the replay! Core Unit Launch Pod Sessions - Session #6: MakerDAO Shop Core Unit, April 13, 2021 - YouTube


Did you just complain about condescending remarks while saying that we need to stop being so fragile?

Make up your mind so I can decide if I agree with you?