🚀 Core Unit Launch Pod Sessions ||| Session #7: Governance Communications Core Unit

:rocket: Core Unit Launch Pod Sessions ||| Session #7: Governance Communications Core Unit

For the 7th CULPS episode we’ll have David Utrobin (@davidutro) presenting the Governance Communications Core Unit, COM-001. You can read more about it here:

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:rocket: Core Unit Launch Pod Sessions ||| Session #7: Governance Communications Core Unit


  • 00:00: Intro with Juan Guillén
  • 00:44: Governance Communications Core Unit with David Utrobin (@davidutro)




Juan Guillén

Agenda and Preamble

  • Welcome, everyone. Today we’re hosting another Core Unit Launch Pod, and we are in session #7. My name is Juan and I have the pleasure of having here David Utrobin.
  • He will be telling us everything about the Governance Communications Core Unit and how he plans to bring more… I’m out of words, David, so I need your help on this one.
  • For more episodes of the series, follow this link


Governance Communications Core Unit with David Utrobin (00:44)

19:34 — Frank Cruz: I have a question with regards to public communications. Do you envision working with a legal Core Unit or a general counsel Core Unit when it comes to putting out public disclosures? Or is that something that the communication teams can take on their own?

29:40 — Frank Cruz: If regulation comes into fruition one day and, say, your team has to file something similar to what public companies do, which is a 10-K, if you had to file something crazy like that in the future, is that something you would handle or is that something that the legal teams have to handle?

21:58 — Frank Cruz: When it comes to emergency response, how would your team handle something like what happened on Saturday night Eastern Time, early morning in Europe, that big sell-off? Is that something that the emergency portion of your Core Unit would come out and say “Hey, so-and-so number of votes got liquidated, everything looks good…”?

24:15 — Frank Cruz: This is just a small example, what happened this Saturday night. I think the OSM was delayed, it wasn’t changing, and Nick had to tweak it a bit and get it going right because the price wasn’t updating. I guess that’s something you wouldn’t get on Twitter in the middle of the night and say “We are tweaking the OSM. One-hour delay. We’ll let you know when it’s back up and running”. Is that something your team doesn’t do?

26:20 — Juan Guillén: Maybe to follow a little bit on what Frank is doing, obviously this Core Unit is supporting other Core Units, and that’s great. Is there something you would say “This we own and it’s only our Core Unit that will do it in a vacuum”, or pretty much everything is a little bit cross-functional?

28:20 — Elihu: I’m glad to see that you’ve added the voter engagement part into your mandate and I would love to hear more about it, whether you’re planning any specific action on this subject or if it’s still in the planning phase

30:15 — Elihu: In terms of reaching out to a wider base of voters, are you planning on opening any new channels or are you sticking to the existing ones?

31:42 — Juan Guillén: I have a question about the roadmap. I was wondering if you have a very high-level plan that you were thinking about sharing it or you were going more like “Let’s see if we get voted, and if the DAO wants us to do the job we’ll start working on that”

35:40 — Payton Rose: As a Facilitator, David, do you have a particular philosophy? How do you see yourself operating and running this Core Unit in terms of growing it for the future and keeping it on track?

39:09 — Nadia Álvarez: I don’t know if it’s possible, but it would be amazing if you could include information from other DAOs, if other DAOs are talking about Dai, about Maker, if we have to be aware of something, that will be super awesome. I don’t know if you have considered that. The other thing is that last week we had this little issue with Coinbase custody, so the Maker Holders that had MKR in Coinbase custody couldn’t vote. It would be great if your Core Unit could manage these third parties who are involved in the process of voting, because communicating is related to different things, not just telling anyone what’s happening but also anticipating to this kind of events. So if we are close to a date where everyone has to vote, talk to Coinbase custody or other custody solutions to see if their system is working well and if we can help them in some way. That’s my suggestion for your Core Unit

45:46 — Frank Cruz: Following up on Nadia’s point, how do you envision your work with delegators? That’s going to be something that’s going to soon take off, I hope

47:06 — Frank Cruz: I guess one day you see yourself reporting why five delegates went one way and seven went the other way… They can communicate through you and push their narrative to the left or to the right

48:18 — Frank Cruz: I saw that Artem is the full project manager. Artem, are you going to be doing lunch meetings once the pandemic is over and inviting stakeholders over?

51:31 — Juan Guillén: You mentioned that you’re a proactive person. Can you give examples of situations where you were proactive and you initiated things and made them happen?

53:43 — Juan Escallón: I have a question regarding legal organization. Are you going to incorporate a legal entity? If yes, what are your thoughts and your needs about this?

55:28 — Juan Guillén: Regarding the timelines, do you know when you’re planning on submitting this?


Juan Guillén

Anything else you would like to say before closing the call? (57:29) Thank you, David, and thank you, everyone, for coming


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