Core Unit Rituals #01: OKRs Workshop with Andy

Core Unit Rituals #01: OKRs Workshop with Andy

It is with great pride that I present to you a brand new MakerDAO original series: Core Unit Rituals.

Wait, what? A new series? Aren’t there, like, one million already? You suck! *

No. U. Also please bear in mind that MakerDAO is currently shifting to a new framework built around Core Units. This “plethora” of series aims to make it easier for everyone to manage and optimize their work in this new context. While Core Unit Tools focuses on useful third-party platforms, Core Unit Rituals focuses instead on best-practice organization and procedures.

For this first episode, we’ll have some @Andy_Dobrucki explaining what the goal-setting framework OKRs (Objective and Key Results) is and how to best utilize it.

@juanjuan will be doing the hosting :heart:

* no one actually said this


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attn: @LongForWisdom, @elihu, @Prose11, @ElProgreso , @g_dip, @tadeo , @amyjung , @iammeeoh, @Jenn , @swakya, @Planet_X, @mrabino1, @Nadia, @jordan.jackson, @wouter, @seth, @davidutro, @kathleen, @seth


This is so cool! Can’t wait to join in today and see what I can come up with.