Core Unit Tools #05 through: Bitwage - April 16th, 16:00 UTC

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Core Unit Tools #05 through


In this episode we’ll be joined by Bitwage. They create solutions for remote workers looking for work and to optimally receive their wages.

As usual, @juanjuan will be doing the hosting :heart:

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Recording is on Youtube Core Unit Tools #05 through: Bitwage - April 16th, 2021 - YouTube


Core Unit Tools #05: Bitwage

April 16th, 2021


  • 00:00: Introduction with Juan Guillén
  • 00:42: Bitwage with Fabiano, Jonathan, Matt, and Raúl



Juan Guillén

Agenda and Preamble


  • Hi, everyone. Welcome to Core Unit Tools #5. Today we’re going to be getting to know a bit more what Bitwage is.
  • Today I’m very happy to be with Fabiano, Jonathan, Matt, and Raúl from Bitwage, who are going to be telling us a bit more about this.
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Fabiano, Jonathan, Matt, and Raúl from Bitwage


08:22 — Juan Guillén: To be an individual who receives their wage there, do you need your company to be already signed up? Is that a prerequisite?

08:54 — Juan Guillén: Potentially an individual could decide to use Bitwage even if the company is not in the system

28:31 — Question in the chat: Is there any current example of a company in the US paying Latin American employees that are not a contractor

31:51 — Juan Guillén: In Argentina you would pay in dollars, right? Because I didn’t see the Argentinian peso

33:00 — Payton Prose: audio got bad here :(

34:19 — Juan Guillén: I know that you said 2% as an extra fee when you’re paying in Dai. I don’t know if you can cover a bit on the pricing and speak a little bit about that

36:02 — Nadia Álvarez: Do you have a tutorial video or a brochure or something like that to start providing some food for thought for them in an easy to understand way?

38:20 — Nadia Álvarez: Besides the payment, do you have other benefits for the employees or contractors? Maybe healthcare insurance, credit cards or something like that?

41:17 — Frank Cruz: I was trying to gauge the health of the company. I saw that you raised some money in 2018. With regards to that, I was wondering if the survivorship of the company is dependent of the revenue that’s going to be made by the fees that you’re charging, if you have raised money since 2018… What’s the health of Bitwage?

42:52 — Juan Guillén: I don’t know, Jonathan, if we’re leaving something or there’s something that we’re forgetting to ask and you would like to have it covered

44:14 — Juan Guillén: Fabiano, anything else that you would like to comment?

Closing Comment

David Utrobin


  • Thanks, everyone, for coming. It was great having you, Jonathan, Fabiano, Matt, and Raúl.


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