🧰 Core Unit Tools #10: Ricochet

:toolbox: Core Unit Tools #10: Ricochet

For the 10th episode of Core Unit Tools, we will host the team from Ricochet.

What is this?

Ricochet leverages a previously covered Core Unit Tools (Superfluid) to enable rapid fire investments, converting one crypto asset into another, automatically, in real-time.

Why is it useful for Core Units?

Ricochet gives core units and contributors an effortless way to catch dips and skim tops of 7 different asset types. Ricochet serves as a passive way to stream compensation into investments, including MKR.

As usual, @juan will be our host with the most :heart:


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Core Unit Tools - Episode #10

October 27th, 2021


  • 00:00: Intro with Retro.
  • 00:33: Discussion and Questions with Sunny and Mike.
  • 47:51: Outro





Agenda and Preamble


  • Hello to everyone. Welcome to Core Unit Tools session #10. I am Retro, and I am with the SES CU from MakerDAO. Today we are joined by the team from Ricochet Exchange.
  • For other episodes of CUT, please check the forum.


Sunny and Mike



20:12 - George: I am one of the early contributors to the project. What are the plans? How could we attract new teams to join Launchpad? What are the criteria that Ricochet is looking for these? Do they have to be linked with super tokens or Superfluid ecosystem or can it just be any teams, NFT projects, and things like that?

25:50 - Retro: You mentioned allowable trade limits for setting up, stopping, and buying limits for streams. Is that currently on the roadmap? Do you have a time frame for when that would be released?

33:06 - Retro: An ideal implementation for a CU, both not using Superfluid and using Superfluid, how would you recommend facilitators approach that?

38:18 - Retro: Going back to that demo, you said it was unsure how the initial contribution was streamed-out. What is the time scale for that initial deposit to be transferred into the streaming asset?

42:31 - Someone: Can a keeper be a Lambda function or does it have to be a docker server?

45:24 - Retro: If there are any follow-up questions what is the best way to get a hold of you?

Closing Comment




  • It has been a pleasure. Recordings will be posted on the MakerDao Youtube channel. Check out Ricochet’s Discord. Thank you all for joining us. Keep an eye on the MakerDao public calendar for our next CUT call.


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Hey, it’s Sunny from Ricochet! You can connect with us through the below - definitely join our Discord and follow our Twitter if you can :slight_smile:

Website: https://ricochet.exchange
App: https://app.ricochet.exchange
Docs: https://docs.ricochet.exchange
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ricochetxchange
Discord: Ricochet Exchange

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