Core Unit Tools #8: Superfluid

Core Unit Tools #08: Superfluid

For the 8th episode of Core Unit Tools, we will host the team from Superfluid. is a new token standard with the power to describe cash flows and execute them automatically over time in a non-interactive way.

Superfluid was invited by the Growth Core Unit after implementing real-time compensation to contributors.


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Core Unit Tools - Episode #08

September 29th, 2021


  • 00:00: Intro with Juan Guillén
  • 00:42: Discussion and Questions with Mike
  • 01:01:05: Outro



Juan Guillén

Agenda and Preamble


  • Hello to everyone. Welcome to Core Unit Tools #08. Today we are with a project called Superfluid, and Mike will be explaining how it works. Hopefully, he can answer all our questions.
  • For other episodes of CUT, please check the forum.


Michele Ð’Aliessi



23:30 - Deniz DUX: First, would you have to start streaming on the 1st of the month? For example, I am working for the Risk CU, I am getting 10,000 Dai a month, and I have to pay my bills by the first of November. It looks slow to be streaming 10,000 Dai. Second, is the wrapping part centralized? Are you running a centralized server to do this? How do I unwrap it? Do I have to go to my favorite app UniSwap or do I have to stay in this environment?

31:00 - Juan Guillén: Could you Ricochet Dai to you? Can you change DAIX for DAI, and stop needing to unwrap to DAI?

32:09 - Juan Guillén: How about the gas that needs to be used to wrap or unwrap? Is it something relatively lightweight?

33:10 - Juan Guillén: In which chains or sidechains are you on?

35:00 - Juan Guillén: How about the tokens that you can stream? Is it any ERC? Can you wrap it and send it, or do you need to whitelist them?

35:53 - Deniz DUX: If I look at the payment flows as a team, we are going to have the benefits that we mentioned only if all the nodes in our payment process start using it. We have transactions between the team Vault and the team members and from the team Vault to other payment providers. How can we coordinate this within the DAO to try and maximize the benefits? Are there any learnings or considerations with regards to taxes that you can share with us, specifically on streaming salaries?

43:36 - Juan Guillén: Regarding the programmable part of the money, one of the things that we are exploring and researching is how to make governance control cash flows directly. Ideally, there is this fluid plutocracy where MKR holders can move their vote around and directly impact or influence the flow. That would help us and help any DAO on dealing with budgets and how to move funds around. Is this is something that you are looking into? If yes. How is it going? Do you have any comments on that?

46:25 - Juan Guillén: The idea is to have a river or the opposite of a river. You have a bucket or a general budget at the top, and you can create streams going down. The streams can be modified based on the percentage or absolute numbers. The delegates or MKR holders would be able to divert the funds based on whatever they think is best at the moment. It is still exploratory and early in the process. We are figuring things out.

49:34 - Nadia Alvarez: Just a comment for Deniz. The way CUs receive the budget could be by a stream by the DssVest contract. I am receiving this stream on the mainnet from the DAO. Also, I am paying through Superfluid to a few of the contractors. The system works monthly, making it much easier. I do not have to think that I have to pay these people because they are receiving the streams. From my user perspective, I love it. It is another paradigm when you are receiving your payments daily.

55:43 - Frank Cruz: Would somebody from a CU that is not technical be able to put together the constant flow agreement on your documents? Is it easier on your dashboard?

56:32 - Frank Cruz: If I have five employees and I need to distribute 40% to this one, 30% to the other one, etc., how easy is it to do?

58:56 - Juan Guillén: What is it the best way to contact you for any questions or concerns?

1:00:02 - Juan Guillén: Are you going to be in Lisbon for all these events that are coming soon?

1:00:35 - Juan Guillén: Anything before leaving? Any last word?

Closing Comment

Juan Guillén



  • Thank you for coming. It was really great having you. See you soon!


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Hey, Mike here from the Superfluid Team. It was a pleasure meeting you and sharing this new piece of decentralized technology we have been building over the last year. Should you have any questions please ping me in our Discord @ Mike | Superfluid. Our team will be more than happy to help you address some of the admin challenges your CU is facing, or simply help you set up salary streaming.