Core Units I Wish Existed

Core Unit I wish existed: Maker Academy / Education

Short Description: It’s no secret Maker is a complex system to understand (cue Daiwanese :wink: ). In order to maintain a healthy, growing community of contributors and participants, the DAO should have a core unit dedicated to developing knowledge & education for Maker topics. This could be like an “Academy”, designing various pathways for levels and skillsets (developers, newbies, etc), and even domains.

  • Creating an evolving curriculum, developing resources and a pathway for learning.
  • Maker Resources can be, but not limited to: Onboarding Docs, Tutorials (Written Content, Visuals, Videos, Sandboxes, Bots)
  • Bonus points if it’s fun

If done right, I think this Core Unit could even extend beyond Maker to greater DeFi or crypto and have its own business model.


Core Unit I wish existed: Marketing Core Unit

Short Description: The goal would be to drive education, awareness, usage, and promotions of Dai, while delivering Protocol updates as needed.

Marketing basics like Goals/Objectives, Strategies, Tactics, and KPIs would be identified to fuel Dai growth.
Imagery, infographics, videos, gifs, and more would fall under the content generated from this CU.
Furthermore, the Marketing CU would be responsible for assisting with new integrations and partnership promotions.

Other touchpoints could include SEO, social media channel (youtube included) ownership, website homepage, and localization efforts for translations etc…

Lastly, ensuring there’s a significant focus on data gathering to make strategic mktg decisions is crucial, so having consistent metrics reporting will be needed.

Additional notes:

It could also potentially combine with the “Press Agency” mentioned above into a full Marcomms CU as they’d be working close together anyway.


A broad media relations program for the project is a very compelling idea and will be absolutely critical. It would ensure that all core audiences (as defined by the project) can get the info the need when they need it. In addition to distribution of news and updates (as suggested), I recommend exploring a reactive element to this function as well. A lot of the work we currently do for the project is answering questions and providing statements to reporters and researchers as needed. Managing reactive requests allow the project to appear in timely news stories about the broader space, ensure that details are accurately reported and grow credibility by being included in third party articles and papers.

As the current architect/leader of the Marketing/Communications function for the Foundation, I hope that I will be able to work with the eventual Core Unit leader to manage a thoughtful and successful handover of the program including insights and lessons learned.


Core Unit I wish existed: Customer Services Core Unit

Short Description: USDT and USDC allow you to recover lost funds which is a great feature. We need to be able to restore funds for simple mistakes (sending to 0x0 or to a known immutable smart contract). Our existence depends on DAI users, it is our role to provide the best service to them.


Core Unit I wish existed: EURDAI Core Unit

Short Description: No serious Euro-pegged stablecoin exists right now. It’s mainly due to negative interest rates. This core unit would copy/paste the existing Maker Protocol for Euro. Probably use a EURS PSM for peg management (as little as possible). We have the opportunity to be the leader in this currency. This would allow parallelization as it would be a separated protocol (but under the same MKR tokens).


Core Unit I wish existed: Financial Research & Competitor Analysis

Short Description: The goal of this core unit is to do financial research and analysis, in the context of DeFi and MakerDAO, up-to the best standards of academic research in finance & economics.

Ideally, contributors of this Core Unit have serious research experience in the field (PhDs, tenured academics, etc). It is very hard to image that this type of figure could come and work for MakerDAO full time (at least now). What is more likely is that the Facilitator of this Core Unit comes/belongs from this word and has a web of contacts in the banking/finance/academic world to outsource research as “financial consulting” tasks.

It is of vital (i.e., to survive) importance for MakerDAO to understand - at a deep level - the key winning aspects of MakerDAO, separate them from the “noise”, and understand how to leverage them in several financial contexts (e.g., negative interests rates, new financial crisis, periods of sustained growth, bull markets, etc) in the best possible way.

My point of view: MakerDAO has emerged from the talent, imagination, creativity of a group of enthusiastic and super-clever people, often coming from technology/engineering mora than finance. But now it is reaching big numbers, and we need the help of professionals in money-theory. This does not mean that MakerDAO should be eaten by the “legacy system”. But just that the “legacy system” has a lot of knowledge that we need to use, rather than re-inventing the wheel (and making mistakes).

Additional Notes: In his recent talk (link here:, which everybody reading this should watch, @SebVentures made several excellent points. One of the most important is that we need to make a deep “Competitor Analysis” (Aave, Chainlink, Compound, UniSwap, etc), where competitor means “other big DeFi project”.

“You can’t beat them if you don’t know them”.

I think this would be (one of the) a perfect task for this Core Unit.


Core Unit I wish existed: UX Core unit

Short Description: Would be tasked with maintaining the various contract front-ends that people use. I would see this a group with some design and js experience that would both propose and implement UX improvements to the various DAI related front-ends.


Core Unit I wish existed : Seed investments Core Unit

Short Description : Allow up to 100k DAI seed investments in startups. Initially 1 Per month Max.


Would you mind elaborating on how you’d see it operating?

One of the best examples of a DAO-based venture capital fund is The LAO, in my view. Do you think we could draw inspiration from it?


@Derek suggested something similar in #core-unit-operating-model-onboarding

Hey all, I thought I’d get the ball rolling on what I’ve dubbed the “Front End Core Unit” - responsible for the Governance & Migration Portals, plus pitching for Liquidations2.0, Delegation and IAM UIs. As always, keen for comments - this is my independent Sunday-arvo-cup-of-coffee-attempt so please jump in with any thoughts :slightly_smiling_face:


Totally, but I will divide it into verticals.

  • Renewal energies
  • Software
  • Biotech

And to have contributors related to Vcs that are SME on those fields…


Core unit I wish existed: Maker & DeFi Data Insights R&D

Short Description: This unit would focus on providing continuous data insights & visualisations on the what/why is happening under the hood across Maker and DeFi protocols. For example, how changes in one protocol affect or are affected by the other. Its research would also include data deep dives into various components of the system (psm, auctions, originations, oracles etc) and its effects in other protocols. A sort of Forensic Analytics Intelligence Unit. From its R&D and deep dives, this unit would be focused on building a toolbox of quantitative models & frameworks using different techniques. These cross-protocol models could then be leveraged or adapted for specific use cases by other Risk teams.

Team: A mix of data engineers, data scientists and data viz/data analyst people. Plus a “problem sourcer” (aka data product owner) to coach/lead the team on meaningful deep dives, backlog and data architecture.

P.S.: Risk teams do some of this work for the Maker protocol. This unit would increase the scope by including DeFi at large.


Core Unit I wish existed: Meme Core Unit

Short Description: Nothing gets people more excited about protocols than memes. It’s the Ethereum community’s preferred method of communication. And while we don’t have MKR on the books yet, we could meme that to 10K and help fund more productivity.


Agreed, Link has the Link Marines, but what does Maker have? We need to make the Maker Army and meme the value of this coin.

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~55M annual revenue. :smiley:


Core Unit I wish existed: Merchandise Core unit

Short Description: Responsible for designing, producing, and distributing Maker & DAI merchandise. Preferably, or obligatory, sustainably produced. Any profit should go towards free merchandise, or the protocol. Should work closely together with Design, Marcomms, & growth core units.

For example:


Core Unit I wish existed: Hiring & Careers Core Unit

Short Description: we have a good number of suggestions for Core Units in this thread. But for the moment we need to: “wait for somebody to come and propose the formation of their Core Unit”.

The Hiring & Careers Core Unit would instead assiste in finding the best talents in the market, run hiring campaigns and interviews and manage careers, in an active way.

In other words I feel we need some structure to help and assist with Core Units formation.


JFC, 20 days later and we are at ~94M


Seems to me like quite a few of the above mentioned Core Units could be hosted under a MKR Growth Core Unit if you’re willing to accept the definition of growth as a multidisciplinary cross-functional unit.


: )