Core Units I Wish Existed

Core unit I wish existed: Maker & DeFi Data Insights R&D

Short Description: This unit would focus on providing continuous data insights & visualisations on the what/why is happening under the hood across Maker and DeFi protocols. For example, how changes in one protocol affect or are affected by the other. Its research would also include data deep dives into various components of the system (psm, auctions, originations, oracles etc) and its effects in other protocols. A sort of Forensic Analytics Intelligence Unit. From its R&D and deep dives, this unit would be focused on building a toolbox of quantitative models & frameworks using different techniques. These cross-protocol models could then be leveraged or adapted for specific use cases by other Risk teams.

Team: A mix of data engineers, data scientists and data viz/data analyst people. Plus a “problem sourcer” (aka data product owner) to coach/lead the team on meaningful deep dives, backlog and data architecture.

P.S.: Risk teams do some of this work for the Maker protocol. This unit would increase the scope by including DeFi at large.


Core Unit I wish existed: Meme Core Unit

Short Description: Nothing gets people more excited about protocols than memes. It’s the Ethereum community’s preferred method of communication. And while we don’t have MKR on the books yet, we could meme that to 10K and help fund more productivity.


Agreed, Link has the Link Marines, but what does Maker have? We need to make the Maker Army and meme the value of this coin.

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~55M annual revenue. :smiley:


Core Unit I wish existed: Merchandise Core unit

Short Description: Responsible for designing, producing, and distributing Maker & DAI merchandise. Preferably, or obligatory, sustainably produced. Any profit should go towards free merchandise, or the protocol. Should work closely together with Design, Marcomms, & growth core units.

For example:


Core Unit I wish existed: Hiring & Careers Core Unit

Short Description: we have a good number of suggestions for Core Units in this thread. But for the moment we need to: “wait for somebody to come and propose the formation of their Core Unit”.

The Hiring & Careers Core Unit would instead assiste in finding the best talents in the market, run hiring campaigns and interviews and manage careers, in an active way.

In other words I feel we need some structure to help and assist with Core Units formation.


JFC, 20 days later and we are at ~94M


Seems to me like quite a few of the above mentioned Core Units could be hosted under a MKR Growth Core Unit if you’re willing to accept the definition of growth as a multidisciplinary cross-functional unit.


: )


Mergers and Acquisitions

Core Unit responsible for identifying projects that MakerDAO would be good to assimilate (whether technology or personnel) and facilitating the merger of the project’s native token and team into the Maker space (create a new Core Unit or get added to an existing). This would need to interface with Smart Contracts and other Core Units in order for a smooth transition.

An example would be an up and coming competitor has a novel approach to a certain subset of the MakerDAO system. Instead of trying to copy their tech we could propose to acquire their team and tech for a premium (burn their tokens for new MKR tokens or treasury), thus removing a competitor and strengthening the fundamentals of the protocol.

Cooperation is king.


Hey @layerzero – assuming you assemble a Legal Core Unit Team–what’s your take on implementing KYC/AML for Vault users?

@layerzero let me know if this gets going. I’d be interested in helping. I’m a silicon valley based corporate attorney working in biglaw. My practice consists of advising startups in entity formation, day to day outside general counsel work, financings on both investor and company side, capital markets (ipos, spacs, follow ons) and m&a. I also advise a number of crypto clients on crypto specific issues and have helped with various token offerings, both registered and private.

I first got involved with makerdao in 2016/17 but got busy in 2018 and stopped attending calls. Trying to work my way back into it, but a lot has changed.

Let me know if I can be helpful.


Hi @layerzero - I’m a Canadian corporate lawyer with experience working at a crypto venture capital fund. I began my career working in biglaw at one of the Canadian corporate law firms, and I currently advise a number of Toronto based crypto companies on legal/regulatory/structuring/token issuance considerations. I’d love to get involved in the legal core unit team, if it gets going. Would you be open to chatting further?



Might add as well:

  • Incentivize with small DAI rewards upon completion of some education programs
  • Collaborate with Youtubers or content creators that have already a good access to people

Core Unit I wish existed: Synergies core unit
Motivation: Fear of problems of communication between different core units. Misalignment in goals or non-identification of “knowledge silos”
Short Description: the goal is to explore synergies between different core units and members and generate dynamics for this to flourish into more solid projects. For example: R&D core unit communication with Financial Research & Competitor Analysis is crucial to explore the creation of new projects that may help the protocol move forward.
Listen to several members of the organization to leverage ideas that otherwise may end up hidden in some unread forum message. Create events inside the maker organization to promote collaboration.


Hey @layerzero - I do. My email is [email protected]. Feel free to send over an email, and we can book a time to chat. Looking forward to it :).


I very much agree that a Marketing Core Unit is necessary.
Take the frontpage of TheDefiant for example:

AAve is mentioned 5 times
NFTs - 8 times
Gnosis - 3 times
1Inch - 3 times
Metamask - 3 times
GUSD - 2 times

Maker or Dai - mentioned 0 times…

A Marketing Core Unit could act as a megaphone simply getting Dai and Maker pushed onto people. Quantity not quality. No original content - simply carpet bombing of the defi masses.


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