Create a dashboard with visualizations about vault actions, collateralization ratio, amount of debt per liquidation price, collateral price feeds, earned stability fee per vault collateral type (short: update

Hello everyone,

I really liked, because it had so many interesting visualizations. But it seems it is no longer maintained after the upgrade to multi-collateral DAI.

Following message is shown:

Maker’s GraphQL API for Multi-Collateral Dai has not been released yet. Once it is released it will take several weeks of development to track all the new components of MCD. Until then will continue to track SCD.

It feels like it has been a while since the release of MCD and the dashboard has been abandoned? Maybe we could get an update from the team about and the GraphQL API for MCD? gives us some information about MCD, but I would like to know more.

Maybe we can use this thread to collect ideas about which visualizations would be interesting. And then we could make a proposal thread to finance a new dashboard.

Due to the different properties, maybe not every visualization would be interesting for every vault collateral type.

Here are some of the interesting visualizations that are already in

  • amount of debt per liquidation price: very interesting statistic to know where big amounts of debts can be liquidated
  • vault actions (bite, wipe, draw, free, lock, open, shut): visualization of amounts of DAI/ collateral would be more interesting than total number of actions per action type
  • system collateralization ratio: over time
  • collateral price feeds: over time
  • earned stability fee
  • burned MKR/ flap auctions over time

per vault collateral type.

Ten months ago another user asked for the same on reddit.

Feel free to give your feedback.

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I believe @hexonaut is working on a dashboard that may have some of these.


As @LongForWisdom said, provides most of these stats. I’m waiting on the data api to become public (and merge in some code) before I can switch to that and provide live data.

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Do we know anything about the timeline for this? I’ve heard it come up a few times.

They are very close from my understanding.

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