Create a specific "Collateral discussion" forum

Maybe create a specific “Collateral discussions” forum and a specific thread for each of the tokens to discusss to keep it organised?

  • Collateral discussion: ETH
  • Collateral discussion: REP
  • Collateral discussion: OMG
  • Collateral discussion …

Agree, I think a Collateral Discussions forum would be beneficial. The threads we can sort out ourselves :slight_smile:

Nice one. @cyrus, what do you think?

Yeah absolutely. Isn’t this the point of the Risk forum? Or the governance forum? Btw, that might get confusing. Micah already posted the REP discussion in Governance. Is it clear what should be Risk and what should be Governance?

Not yet but we can figure it out. I moved that thread to Risk.

I feel that there are risk topics that aren’t related to collateral (technical risk, system design risk, etc), so it might be good to have sub-categories (if that’s a thing on discourse.)

I also think it would be tidier to separate the meta-discussion on the risk framework and models from the execution of it on individual examples of collateral too.

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