[CRV] MIP6 Collateral Onboarding Application

1. Who is the interested party for this collateral application?

@jtathmann – Maker community member and simple farmer

2. Provide a brief high-level overview of the project, with a focus on the applying collateral token

Curve is an exchange liquidity pool designed for efficient trading between similar assets, such as stable coins and tokenized BTC. CRV is the protocol’s governance and utility token with time-weighted voting and value accrual mechanisms.

3. Provide a brief history of the project.

Launched in January 2020, Curve allows users to trade between stable coins and tokenized BTC with low slippage and fees. The protocol currently has over 1 billion in locked value and consistently manages millions of dollars in daily volume. In August 2020, the protocol’s governance token, CRV, was launched with a multi-year distribution and staking incentive program. CRV can be time-locked to give users voting rights and fee accrual over the protocol.

4. Link the whitepaper, documentation portals, and source code for the system(s) that interact with the proposed collateral, and all relevant Ethereum addresses.

Curve StableSwap Whitepaper

Curve DAO Whitepaper

Developer Documents


Token Address - 0xD533a949740bb3306d119CC777fa900bA034cd52

List of protocol smart contract addresses

5. Link any available audits of the project. Both procedural and smart contract focused audits.




6. Link to any active communities relating to your project.



Governance Forum

7. How is the applying collateral type currently used?

CRV is used as a governance token over the protocol. Vote-locking CRV also accrues protocol fees, which are used to purchase CRV and distribute to back to stakers.

8. Does one organization bear legal responsibility for the collateral? What jurisdiction does that organization reside in?

Curve was founded in Switzerland

9. Where does exchange for the asset occur?

CRV is exchanged on major centralized exchanges such as Binance and Gemini as well as decentralized exchanges.

*Disclosure: I hold CRV


You poor man. jk


I should revise - *I’m staking yCRV and have the ability to claim CRV… if I could afford the gas fees :rofl:


Oh snap, I forgot I actually have some vested CRV so technically I hold CRV too!


Would also like to add Curve DAO audits:

ToB https://www.curve.fi/curve_audits/curve-dao-ToB-final.pdf

Quantstamp https://www.curve.fi/curve_audits/curve-dao-quantstamp.pdf

MixBytes https://www.curve.fi/curve_audits/curve-voting-aragon-mixbytes.pdf