CU Compensations Proposal

The mkr price projection could easily hit over 10k in couple years. With the current proposed compensation, this means every CU member will become a multi millionaires once their vesting period is over in three years time. This is not normal and is very unfair to the mkr token holders. I am proposing to hire an outside HR to deal with all mkrdao CU hiring and compensation.

I want to add that the outside HR contractor would deal with firing of a CU member. Eventually time will come for firing, proctor should be establish for grounds for firing also.

Another concern of mine is that the CU compensations are developed by CU members themselves. All CU member have incentives to extract as high of a compensation as possible and once a floor has been established, then all other CU members are expected to demand the same amount or better. The CU members in reality are no different than NFT speculators. Its conflicts of interest for CU member to develop their own compensation package while mkr holders couldn’t critically analyze compensations compare to industrial standardads. This needs to need to be addressed by an outside impartial HR organization to critical assess the compensations on behalf of mkr toke holders and protocols.

The tools exist for you, or any other MKR Holder (or indeed anyone at all) to make a proposal along these lines. If you believe strongly in this, then find an appropriate HR company and put together a proposal under MIP39 or MIP55. The @GovAlpha-Core-Unit can help you with structure, formatting or advice on the proposal (we have time to spare for this stuff in-between our primary role of NFT speculation.)

To start with, I’d maybe throw up some informal polls to see if this is something the community agrees with generally. Maybe get in touch with some of the delegates. It makes sense to start with this to figure out whether it’s worthwhile putting the time into a formal proposal.


I’m a delegate, as mentioned above. You have my attention. I’m wearing my skeptical spectacles about the proposed solution, but feel free to elaborate


I think the open discussion, comparison metrics and voting negates the need for HR. For those of us who have worked in large corporations, HR is a sometimes necessary, but truly insufferable, field. If we can do away with the need for them in the context of DAOs, we’re doing the world a favor.

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