Curve 3Pool Liquidity Tokens as Collateral

Curve is one of the largest DEX’s (top 5 according to DeFi pulse) for with a focus on stablecoins and like coin swaps. The stablecoin pools offer attractive liquidity tokens that seem to be fairly low risk for Maker. The first pool we could start with is 3Pool - which consists of DAI, USDT and USDC. Maker already has vaults for UNI LP pool so it would make sense to expand to curve.

Reasons to include Curve 3Pool

Large and established stable liquidity pool with a daily volume of ~$80m. It seems like a natural extension from the Uniswap LP tokens and proposed Sushiswap tokens etc.

I assume most folks know what curve is.

For more information and previous application see this post


I don’t know if the community wants more stable coins to support DAI.

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I like the idea without a doubt although I would like to understand more about the risk of accepting this type of lp as I see it more complex than the uniswap ones in particular.

I like the idea of supporting the DAI peg by providing stablecoin LPs a line of credit.

From that point of view it is very good, I put DAI in Curve, that LP I use it to generate more DAI and so on and so forth.

But it doesn’t seem to me that we have so many entry points to DAI with so many stable currencies.

I also think yUSD should be added as collateral if the 3Pool LP is going to be added.

is a 2 x 1 hahahahahahah.