DAI and cDAI getting high yields on Tornado Cash

Bringing the good news to all those who have been following Tornado Cash, the project supported by Vitalik himself and highly regarded across the industry:

Tornado Cash now supports DAI and cDAI. Cherry on top: you get generously rewarded when doing so.

Estimated APRs:

  • DAI: if depositing 100,000 DAI for one month, you get rewarded 4.04% (48.48% APR)
  • cDAI: if depositing 5,000,000 ($105K worth) for one month, you get rewarded 4.65% (55.8% APR)

See the estimations in details on:

Fees can be a bit heavy. See below:

p.s. This is NOT a thread to discuss whether or not you like Tornado Cash


:joy: Ya–we Gringos, unfortunately we have to walk on eggshells–what can you do… Thanks for sharing Sir! And All the best!

Very good idea to shuffle it.
Thanks for sharing