Dai on Different Networks #7 - August 19, 2021

Dai on Different Networks #7

If you missed last week’s update, here’s a link to Dai on Different Networks #6.

The Highlights

  • Avalanche’s Pangolin Exchange saw nearly 1.7 million DAI enter its network - representing over a 70% increase in DAI on the exchange.
  • Over 33 million DAI moved to Klaytn following the announcement that it would be piloting the Bank of Korea’s CBDC.
  • ApeSwap, UniSwap, and PolyCat continue to take root on Polygon (MATIC) with 104%, 49%, and 33% respective increases in circulating Dai.
  • Polygon also announced its acquisition of Hermez, a ZK-based L2 solution.


Where is my Dai (General)

This week’s overview shows very little movement, with only around 1% in total movement across all mediums.


Dai on Rollups

Rollup Solution Circulating Dai Weekly Movement
Optimism 3,831,025.16 5.19% decrease
Loopring 1,462,365.60 1.93% decrease
zkSync 803,236.24 1.18% increase
Aztec 2.0 35,338.65 15.87% increase
Hermez 10,853.06 0.00% increase


Where is my Dai (L2s)


Special thanks to @SebVentures. Bookmark his site for accurate, easy-to-read tracking for Maker analytics of all kinds.

Circulating Dai by Platform

As of 08/19/2021

Solution Circulating Dai Dai Holders Weekly Movement
Avalanche 9,978,886 unknown 0.00%
Binance Smart Chain 262,459,527.75 42,569 0.09% increase
Fantom 40,320,600.13 3,062 2.52% increase
Klaytn 98,102,277.61 5,794 51.63% increase
Polygon 386,915,396.46 32,667 0.49% decrease
xDai 19,785,532.00 unknown 2.04% increase

This week’s obvious outlier is Klaytn, seeing over 33 million DAI enter its network last - representing a 58% increase in circulating DAI.

Tokens Bridged by TVL

This chart includes tokens across a number of chains, including Polygon, Loopring, Solana, Avalanche, Fantom, BSC, DeversiFi, Nerve, Harmony, RSK, Fuse, zkSync, OMG Network, Near, Aztec, Hermez, and Immutable X.

By Platform


Top Holders Circulating Dai Proportion Weekly Movement
Pangolin 4,110,635 41.19% 70.41%
Other 5,868,251 58.81% 2.44% decrease

Current Events


Binance Smart Chain

Top Holders Circulating Dai Proportion Weekly Movement
Binance Hot Wallets 145,508,745.13 54.52% 4.61% increase
PancakeSwap 34,950,095.90 4.94% 3.48% increase
Venus (vDAI) 15,524,238.71 5.89% 32.22% decrease
ApeSwap 4,921,474.34 1.88% 14.62% increase
MDX 3,452,056.08 1.32% 2.76% decrease
Paraswap 3,881,229.38 1.48% 11.30% increase
Other 54,221,688.21 29.97% 0.72% decrease


Current Events



Top Holders Circulating Dai Proportion Weekly Movement
Curve 34,270,536.42 85.84% 1.70% decrease
SpookySwap 3,837,952.28 9.61% 34.63% increase
SpiritSwap 328,652.65 0.82% 59.56% increase
Other 1,411,489.00 3.83% 21.59% decrease


Current Events



Top Holders Circulating Dai Proportion Weekly Movement
KlaySwap LP KUSDT-KDAI 57,329,896.57 58.46% 34.80% increase
KlaySwap LP KDAI-KAI 15,150,026.42 15.43% -
KlaySwap LP KXRP-KDAI 9,171,563.33 9.34% 50.60% increase
KlaySwap LP KLAY-KDAI 4,441,484.47 4.52% 7.51% increase
KlaySwap LP KORC-KDAI 4,163,107.85 4.24% 3.62% decrease
Other 7,846,198.97 8% 2.85% decrease


Current Events

Polygon (formerly MATIC)

Top Holders Circulating Dai Proportion Weekly Movement
Aave 172,270,201.79 44.49% 4.24% decrease
Quickswap 46,659,065.00 12.06% 16.09% decrease
Iron Finance 39,838,045.29 10.30% 10.28% decrease
UniSwap 27,124,504.99 7.01% 49.37% increase
Kyber 20,121,275.98 4.67% -
PolyCat 16,954,809.84 4.38% 33.08% increase
SushiSwap 16,298,933.33 4.21% 46.32% decrease
Balancer 10,358,992.64 2.68% 27.50% increase
ApeSwap 8,287,096.11 1.52% 103.97% increase
Other 29,002,471.49 8.78% 18.24% decrease


Current Events

1/14 It is a big day for @0xPolygon!

We are announcing a strategic focus on ZK-based scaling solutions and $1B in funding for this effort.

As our first big foray into the exciting world of ZK, we are excited to announce the merger/acquisition of @hermez_network! 🔥

Thread.. 🧵 pic.twitter.com/ayEjUEpSK6

— Polygon (@0xPolygon) August 13, 2021


Top Holders Circulating Dai Proportion Weekly Movement
HoneySwap 2,704,710 16.54% 0.61% increase
CHAI 627,673.28 3.09% 4.63%
Other 16,453,148.72 80.37% 0.00%


Current Events



Have anything you’d like to see added to these breakdowns? Leave a message in the comments or DM me, @seth, or @JerryAG.

Thanks for reading!

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I love that they took my suggestion into consideration!!! how great!


I had not noticed that he added loopring :face_with_hand_over_mouth:, it is incredible to see that there is no corner where DAI is not there. :eyes:


really love this report.

Can I ask in the first chart - where is my DAI? Can you give me some idea of what the 49% is doing.?

Also I am wondering in this weekly report can we get a report on the following:

Maker protocol DAI interest earned for the week?
DAI borrowed?
DAI repaid?
and net DAI in the markets (DAI borrowed - DAI repaid).

Since all DAI originates in main net vaults I think the key metric is to look at DAI generation as well as DAI payments. Also since MakerDAO and MKR holders all benefit from DAI earned for the week this would be a nice graphic (weekly DAI earned) :slight_smile:

Please and Thank you in advance.

I know this isn’t DAI on Different networks so if there is another report with these numbers please point me to it. If there is no such report please consider adding the above and changing this report to be a state of DAI in the World!


Is there any way to track the DAI that left optimism? Did it leave Uniswap v3? Surprised to see folks move out with a 7-day waiting period.

Also, would it possible to add Solana based dApps like SolApes? They’re moving DAI over via their wormhole bridge. If possible—if not no worries. Thanks I’m advanced!


Been wondering the same! I’ll pass it along as soon as I find something on that front.

As for Solana - look like they actually just updated their explorer to allow for token searches, so we got that going for us!

And here’s the top holder, but for the life of me - can’t find the project it’s tied to.


:fire: :fire:

You the man Alec!

If I was a betting man–I’d say it’s FTX.
thanks again bud.


Awesome feedback MM. We’ll need to up our game on the dashboards but these are great stats to look out for.


Just noticed I missed your top question! The ‘Other’ category is an aggregate of Aragon, PulseChain and Torando Cash.

Lovin the suggestions, the SQLs a bit above me but trying to get some charts worked out with the team.

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