DAI Sent on DAI network to Binance and now can't be retrieved

Good day. I am wondering of anyone can help me.
I sent DAI from Ascendex on the DAI chain to Binance without realising that it doesnt support the DAI chain. It was send to an ERC20 network.
I have the transaction ID and I can see that the transaction was confirmed on the DAI chain, but now Binance is saying they cannot retrieve it for me. Happy to pay a small fee to retrieve this cash that I really need.
Is there anyone at DAI chain who can send it back to the original Ascendex address please.
Look forward to some positive news as it has been 5 stress filled days being sent back and forth between the exchanges.

Kind regards and thank you in advance

Can you give me a little more details? did you send them from the old Bitmax exchange to Binance via BSC?

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Hi, @nixinzim.

Try the channel #help at chat.makerdao.com

Best of luck.

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Hi. SO yes from the old Bitmax.
I sent it via the DAI chain as this was the only option to send DAI. I thought it would go to ERC20 network as to be honest i never knew there was a DAI chain. I’m not that clued up on crypto yet. Learning fast through hard knocks.
So it was sent from Ascendex on the DAI Chain will attach a photo to a BINANCE wallet with the ERC20 selected as the network.

I am sorry to tell you that this currency is xDAI, not DAI. xDAI is a sidechain that uses DAI as its gas currency…

So it is not the same as DAI because it is a proprietary network.

Ok. I understand. Does this mean that there is nothing I can do. It’s basically just lost?

you can talk to binance, and tell them about the network it was, they usually solve problems that way.