Dai Supply Projection Poll

Heat check for the community. What will the Dai supply (in million) be a year from now?

  • 200
  • 300
  • 400
  • 500

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Why is the maximum only 500 million? Where is your optimism? :grin:


500 million is more than 1m growth per day. Seems delusional, unfortunately :slight_smile:

I reckon around 250mil, I rounded up to 300.

If DAI is 500M in a year that will be a huge failure. USDC will be several times bigger than DAI by that time and it is even possible that another decentralized stablecoin becomes more popular than DAI.

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Just for fun. Dai supply per makerburn.com’s chart:

01/01/2020: 72,3 mil
01/12/2020: 83,8 mil

Average daily growth is circa 1,13 mil $.

At this rate we are between 400 and 500 mil at the end of the 2020.


I went for 200 mln
Unless ETH rises up like crazy or MKR soon onboard some off-chain collateral I think there is no room for much more than it is now. Simply not every ETH owner want to put it into Vault and mint tons of DAI with it.