DAI transaction fees help

I am new to DAI and wanted to start accepting DAI for business. Would like to ask about the transaction fees that will be incurred if 10 DAI is transferred from one address to another DAI address. I actually want to know the gas used amount - will it be a fixed 21000 for normal transfers or something different?


Hi jonas, the fee of the transaction is the one from de Ethereum network (Gas fees), the GasLimit (the one you say is 21k) will depend entirely of the wallet that you’ll use for sending them, for example in Metamask the gaslimit of sending DAI is about 55k right now, you have to multiply that for the Gas itself (in Gwei) and the Ether price.

If you use Metamask you can configure all that, but don’t recommend change gaslimit, just the Gas, hope it worked for you!

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