DAI Zero Knowledge Rollup

Aztec has released their version of zkDAI which means that we have the ability to scale without the associated costs of scaling. Los, this enables private DeFi which is a huge benefit. What more can we do to help MakerDAO scale? Ideally using ZK roll ups.


This is extremely cool for privacy.
How does it help with low cost scaling?

Being able to send and receive DAI without high gas fees.

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Maybe low fees will come when more transfers are rolled up together, but for now I think a zk.money transfer of ETH costs more than sending it the usual way. Sending Dai is free for the first week, so we’ll see what the fees are after that. Probably not less than sending ETH, though.

I wonder the same, anyone can jump into xDai and gas fees are gone, also there is a wallet named Incognito that send private DAI and also with low gas fees (you can check it here). But hey, anything that helps DAI growth and adoption is cool !

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Does this “Incognito” wallet actually enable fully private transfer of xDai?
If so that’s pretty cool.
However, it is still on a side-chain.
Unlike a side-chain, an L2 ZK-Rollup inherits all of the security guarantees of Ethereum.

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