Decision to Delay Today’s Executive till Monday 6th

Decision to Delay Today’s Executive till Monday 6th

Protocol Engineering have made the decision to delay this week’s executive due to extra time required for running tests, making code reviews, and coordinating the onboarding of the Collateral Engineering Services Team into the spell writing process.

The combination of the above has pushed us past the deadline for this week.

In order to ensure a safe spell deployment, there are outstanding tests to be run and as such we intend to complete this spell crafting on Monday.

A preview of the intended changes can be viewed on the MakerDAO Community Github.


Hey everyone

I want to say from the CES side that we really appreciate all the support and collaboration from PE in terms of getting into the spellcrafting process - it’s not an easy lift, but I think we are already making great progress, that we couldn’t have made without your support.

I want to take responsibility for the fact that we during this week changed our plans from just delivering a part of the test spell to also delivering part of the mainnet spell. We did so because the CES team is very eager to learn and contribute. We did this however without having a clear handover process in place between CES and PE, which led to some miscommunication. This caused some handover issues that took some time to deal with, that contributed to this delay.

We have done some internal review of what we can do to improve this process of working on the spell in parallel in the future, which I’m happy to discuss with you Derek.

I’m sure it’s not the last time we will face challenges, as it is a novel thing to have two teams work on the same spell, but on a positive note, I will say that learning from these challenges will help us build even more robust processes that allow for parallelization of work and greater decentralization.


Hey lollike, no worries, we are all learning the best way to develop safe processes and work alongside each other to distribute the workload. I am looking forward to chatting next week on how we develop this together.


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