Degens Farm - NFTs incentives for $MKR holders

Greetings MakerDAO community! We are happy to announce the launch of Degen’$ Farm on Ethereum Mainnet, a cool and funny NFT project looking to generate awareness about the major DeFi projects inside the Ethereum ecosystem.

How does it work?

At Degen’$ Farm you have to buy at least one $BAGZ in order to get your first NFT, at the beginning it can be a LAND or a random animal, from horses and cows to bees and worms. These first animals are sitting inside the $BAGZ and called “Normies” and they need a LAND in order to give birth to a more special type of animal; the “Chads”, and if you got more lucky the Chad can give birth to a “Degen” animal.

There are 2420 creatures living at the farm. 2000 Normies could be acquired through basic distribution. 400 Chads and 20 Degens could only be farmed. The basic probability of Chad farming is 20%, and the basic probability of farming a Degen is 5%. But if you are an experienced DeFi farmer you can affect it!

At the moment of giving birth to another animal the probabilities can go up depending on various factors. If you own a horse (related to Uniswap) and are a owner of UNI tokens, the probability of giving birth to a Chad is higher. Also the market momentum affects the probability of giving birth to a Chad, if the price of UNI is going up at the moment you’re giving birth, the probability of getting a Chad is higher too.

Only Downside, if you don’t get a Chad or Degen you get $DUNG, the good news is that the DUNG can be exchanged for tools that will also help you to have more probabilities of getting a better animal. Detailed probability description could be found in project docs.

The camels in love with $MKR

As horses represents UNI inside Degen’$ Farm, the Camels are the animals representing Maker inside the project, as the Degens Farm team says:

So if you are a MKR token holder, your farming chances of Chad Camel are already boosted! If the token price is growing during the farming period – it’s another extra boost. So, you can have a little bit of fun farming a Chad Camel, or why not, a Degen Camel ^^.

Next steps

At Degen’$ Farm we aim to increase the knowledge about the biggest DeFi protocols, through tweets and promotional videos, AMAs or interviews inside our Social Media channels, so people can engage with these big protocols in a FUN way and learn about them and what they do inside the Ethereum Ecosystem.

We also help a program named Trees for the Future, trying not to leave the real farm issue in the world, so as we create consciousness of DeFi and crypto in a funny way, we also donate and help the world we live in.

Thanks to @Growt-Core-Unit and @Lozadaluis12 for helping us put this together and build the funny part of DeFi.


Thanks Chichi for this fun way to incentive The $MKR token holders !


wow it’s amazing how great

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It’s pretty funny the names of the creatures. that excellent I like to get the creativity flowing. :eyes: