[Delegate Vote Notice] Why Flip Flop Flap Delegate will Vote YES to off-boarding MKT-001

Subjecting Your Core Unit to Unacceptable Risk

It’s easy in the early days to think that our product (DAI) is great before we have competition gunning for us. But we shall always ask, “how can a company enter our Market and crush us?” Well, ladies and gentlemen—the competition is here, and if you’re a Facilitator and your Core Unit teammates are not focus, forward thinkers/innovative, and/or you the Facilitator is not encouraging strategic thinking, then you’re putting MakerDAO at risk.

The Core Unit Team You Build Will Define The DAO You Create

A Core Unit with the wrong group of team members is usually doomed in the same way as a house with a broken foundation, it can’t be fixed later.

We have heard Matthew Prince of Cloudflare talk about how his first startup was unsuccessful because he thought that if he brought all of his friends together they knock it out of the park. But instead Matt and his friends were very similar, so it was hard to divide & conquer.

Within Core Units everyone has the same mission, everyone enjoys each other’s company. But also everyone must bring unique abilities to the endeavor. Friendships alone is not enough. Everyone needs to perform their task for the Core unit to succeed.

Core Unit teams also need transparent conversations. Important conversations left unsaid create drama. Sometime one CU member is not working as hard as the others. Sometimes a team member’s performance needs to be address but goes unresolved. Sometimes people disagree about what needs to be done, or have different ideas about what needs to happen, or what people’s roles are. Who owns a project, who decides what’s best for the product. All of these conversations can lead to a CU team breaking-up, or even worse a divided DAO.

We Believe MKT-001 Lacks Leadership

We believe CU leadership & direction starts with the CU Facilitator who must inspire, motivate, and drive his/her team to a winning mindset. When you have those traits you realize that the business you’re in, is not just about you and your team and the rules and how they are defined today, it’s about creating your own goals, team expectations, and creating internal KPIs, noticing the competition around you and your determination to win. Win, win, win.

But you can’t just will your way to victory without having a plan that plays to your strength and your competitors weaknesses. Having the will to prepare to win means having clear goals. It also means getting real about identifying obstacles and problems that stand in your way. We Believe the MKT-001 Facilitator lacks the ability to lead and identify what is needed. As an example:

  • Where are the product/marketing ideas?
  • The Scaling Roadmap—if it exists, what took so long?
  • If you have a budget, why not use it to create influential paid content?
  • Networked products love to be free—giveaways?
  • How much logistical work was done with the allocated resources?
  • What were some of the key collaborations that were performed in 2021?

However, we do believe that this MKT-001 has some strong talented team members. And to those talented team members, we strongly urge that they rejoin a new MKT team via SES incubation. We recognize your talent and believe that you can bounce back.

We Believe MKT-001 Lacks the Trust from other Core Units

After speaking with several Core Units we came to the conclusion that this Core Unit is not trusted by others. The main reason seems to be the quality of their output.

Other Core Units reaching out to the outside world to produce content translates not only into a bloated budget but also the lack of coordination needed in a DAO to maximise output.

Great DAOs Will Win With the Best Available Talent

We believe that a CU Facilitator should recognize that Talent is always needed and must be actively RECRUITING on a daily basis. If the Facilitator fails to recruit the best available talent for his/her Core Unit, that team will not achieve greatness.

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