Delegate's Main Index (DMI)

Delegate’s Main Index

In the Delegate’s Main Index (DMI) you’ll find all the relevant links to the information you need about the Recognized Delegates in Maker.

Delegate’s Name Delegate’s Platform Know Your Delegate Series Metrics on Voting and Communication for all Recognized Delegates
PaperImperium Forum Link Youtube Link Voting/Communication
Flip Flop Flap Delegate LLC Forum Link Youtube Link Voting/Communication
Tim Black Forum Link Youtube Link Voting/Communication
Monet-Supply Forum Link Youtube Link Voting/Communication
Gauntlet Forum Link Youtube Link Voting/Communication
MakerMan Forum Link Youtube Link Voting/Communication
Ultraschuppi Forum Link Youtube Link Voting/Communication

Please, stay tuned, as the DMI will be updated as changes in delegation occur.
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Something is wrong with the spreadsheet. Lots of "No"s for the Aug 06 executive. For example, PaperImperium Delegate Platform - #4 by PaperImperium voted Yes but spreadsheet says No.

Looks like a lot of manual data entry work. Please automate this with a single source of truth!


In general, I’m really excited about delegates. Can we get

  • Forum badges or numeric symbols that represents round(log(Delegated MKR))?
  • A chart of delegated MKR per delegate plotted over time
  • Ability to sort the list of delegates by various things like total MKR voting weight and other stats?

Maybe partially a job for @makerburn ?


Hey @psychonaut, just wanted to let you know that some of the suggestions you’ve made here are improvements that the DUX team is looking into for the governance portal!

  1. We have had a number of people request displaying forum badges on the governance portal, I think its a great idea especially since the badges are linked to on-chain activity. We’re looking into how we can integrate this.
  2. We actually have designs for MKR delegation over time, and you can expect an implementation on the delegates profile page in the not-too-distant future:

We have a lot of things in the pipeline, one of our goals is to improve participation by giving users as much data as they need to make informed decisions. If you have any suggestions or just want to chat please drop by our discord, or add your ideas to our Frill feedback board.