Dev Guide: Design patterns for handling Emergency Shutdown in your Maker integration

Hi Devs!

When designing systems that integrate with the Maker Protocol, an important aspect of the protocol to be aware of is the last resort failsafe mechanism Emergency Shutdown (ES). ES can at any point in time be triggered by the community in the event of a malicious attack on the protocol, significant economic issues, and major upgrades. Therefore it is important to take this fact into consideration upfront when designing robust integrations on top of the Maker Protocol. To help with this, the integration team has released a new guide that outlines how ES impacts different types of integrations, and design patterns that can be utilized to efficiently handle it.

The guide can be read here: Emergency Shutdown Design Patterns for Integrations.

Feel free to contribute to our developer guides repo and file any issues you might encounter.

More info on Emergency Shutdown:

Happy hacking!