[DGD] Due Diligence - Gini Coefficient

Excludes DAO and exchange addresses

Can we get some context for this? Is it general FYI or is there a take-away here?

I’m not the OP, but this seems to suggest that DGD is heavily concentrated in a few holders which is not ideal for Maker collateral

Feels like we need to quantify what heavily concentrated means in this space, and at what point that becomes a bad thing.

I think we should also get the Gini charts for ETH and MKR, and use those in establishing a baseline which the rest of the collateral types can be compared/contrasted.

@tbone, is it easy enough to generate these charts for ETH/MKR?

For MKR yes, for ETH not sure. Graph of OMG is in the pipeline.

If you search from:tbone on rocket chat you should find a recent graph for MKR. I can post an updated one here if there is interest.

Here are some 2 year old stats for BTC & ETH which might help: https://news.earn.com/quantifying-decentralization-e39db233c28e?gi=dc598c2fbd0