Discord Migration RFC

Here’s the initial roles + channels plan for Discord. Feedback would be appreciated. There are a couple of downsides to discord in terms of management permissions, detailed below.

Admins are in every single channel and cannot be removed - Solution is to not use the ‘Administrator’ permission and instead give permissions more granularly. Give role named ‘admin-like’ to tech-ops such that they can still do all the usual tech-ops things but don’t have read-access to private channels.

Server Owner is in every single channel and cannot be removed - Can’t be avoided. DAI Foundation owned account will need to be the server owner. Tech-ops says they can put this on a multi-sig as well, such that it requires multiple DAI Foundation members to login.

Cannot invite individual users to a private channel, roles must be setup and given - Can’t be avoided. This is both a positive and a negative. It’s not possible to invite random users to a private channel without giving them an appropriate role, which is frustrating. On the other hand, roles automatically give users access to all the channels they are permissioned for.

Roles have a strict linear hierarchy. Users can be given the ‘manage roles’ permission but then they can adjust all roles below theirs in the linear hierarchy - Can’t be avoided. This one’s pretty annoying because it means it’s hard to safely delegate the ability to change other individuals role permissions. Propose using a similar setup to rocket-chat, and have tech-ops adjust roles upon user request.

Proposed Roles Layout

Name Who Qualifies? Display in Sidebar Color?
Admin-like Tech-ops No should have color
Moderator GovAlpha Facilitators, GovComms Facilitators, Content Production Facilitators, others as deemed appropriate No #231536
Core Unit Facilitator All Core Unit Facilitators Yes should have color
Mandated Actors All Core Unit Facilitators + Grandfathered Peeps No
Core Unit Member Members of specific core unit No
Core Unit Member Members of any core unit Yes should have color
Recognised Delegate Recognised Delegates Yes should have color
Open Market Committee MakerDAO Open Market Committee No
MakerDAO Managed by GovAlpha? Reaches TL on discord? All Core Unit Members, All Recognised Delegates, Long-standing community members. Yes #1AAB9B
External Media Whitelisted - none initially No should match forum
Moderator Whitelisted - none initially No
Community Everyone that has passed captcha challenge (other anti-bot stuff?) Yes #447AFB
Everyone default, literally anyone that joins the server. No

Proposed Channel Layout

Category Name Read Access Write Access Channel Type Notes
Info (?) Meetings Community Core Unit Facilitators Announce Place to remind people of meetings.
Info (?) Rules Everyone Admin Rules Lists server rules.
Info (?) Report Community MakerDAO Text Place for users to tell moderators who they need to kick/ban
Core Unit Internal Core Unit Name - Private Member Text Private channel for internal Core Unit discussions.
General General Community Community Text General Chat
General Governance Community Community Text Governance related chat.
General Speculation Community Community Text Price and market talk
General Developers Community Community Text Development + Integration questions / discussion
General Help Community Community Text Support channel
General Random Community Community Text Anything off-topic
General Media Inquiries MakerDAO, External Media MakerDAO, External Media Text Place for External Media to communicate with / ask questions of the DAO.
Core Units - Core Units - Community Admin Rules Explains what CU’s are, links to resources, etc.
Core Units Core Unit Name - Public Community Community Text Public channel for core unit to speak to the community.
Working Tech Ops Request MakerDAO MakerDAO Text Used to make requests of tech-ops.
Working Room #1 MakerDAO MakerDAO Voice
Working Room #2 MakerDAO MakerDAO Voice
Working Room #3 MakerDAO MakerDAO Voice
Foreign Language Language Community Community Text Initially Spanish, need to make sure these are moderated.

Note, there are some private channels in addition to this which I’ve omitted. If you have channels you want to be replicated in discord, please get in touch with me asap - don’t assume they’re going to be there.

Core Unit Name - Public/Private channels are replicated for each core unit. Should be fairly easy to bridge messages between Core Unit Name - Public and a channel on external discord servers operated by said core unit if this is something the Core Unit in question wants.


Request for the following Channels:

  • Announcements
  • Maker University ( a place that links to All things “learn MakerDAO”
  • MKR Trading
  • Report-scammers
  • Reports-Bugs
  • DAO Grants
  • Oasis.app
  • Memes
  • Liquidations
  • Languages: Polish, German, and French

TY in advanced.


These are all good but one suggestion: Oasis.app already has its own Discord so perhaps a pointer sending users there if they want more Oasis.app-related information.

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I would also add an open secret channel for server boosters. This would provide an incentive for keeping the server fully boosted in a decentralized way and wouldn’t require additional effort.

For those not familiar with Discord, users can buy a subscription and stake it on a certain server to unlock different perks for that server like vanity URL or custom emoji slots.


Thanks for these @ElProgreso. Not sure I agree with all of them. Have made some notes + questions below:

  • Announcements - Will Add
  • Maker University ( a place that links to All things “learn MakerDAO” ) - Could add this as ‘resources’ or something. You’re imagining this as read-only?
  • MKR Trading - Feels like speculation covers this?
  • Report-scammers - Covered by ‘report’ channel.
  • Reports-Bugs - Not sure how necessary this one is. We have ‘help’ already, and we have ‘developers’ Generally speaking there aren’t that many bugs with the protocol.
  • DAO Grants - Reluctant to add this given that we don’t current have people organizing a DAO-wide grants program (to my knowledge)
  • Oasis.app - Not sure, as Tosh mentioned, Oasis.app has its own discord. Maybe we have links to related discord servers in the ‘resources’ channel?
  • Memes - Covered by random, imo. Open to arguments.
  • Liquidations - What’s the content of this? A bot feed of liquidations?
  • Languages: Polish, German, and French - These are dependent on us finding willing moderators that can cover those languages. If you know anyone, get in touch with @Content-Production

@banteg We’ll look into doing something like this as well. What do you mean by ‘open secret channel’? As in, a private channel that people know exists and want to get into?


Hello LFW–I am not certain and I don’t have all the right answers, but this is how I am visualizing it (in no particular order)

-Announcements: (drop-down menu)
#Core Unit Announcements
#DAO Announcements

-Maker University (drop-down)
#Resources (Read-only)
#FAQ (Read-only)
#Ask-me (opened for Q&A)

#Market talk
#MKR trading
#Liquidations ( PIN message to liquidations(dot)makerdao, or any tool that helps folks with their Vaults)
#Yield-farming w/DAI

#General Chat
#Layer 2
#Oasis Resources (Pin link to Oasis Discord and resources of how to use Oasis? ) Maybe not

-Governance (include all-relevant)
#DAO Grants Q&A ( for folks that come in and ask how they can get a Maker Grant)

#Italiano ( Personally I believe if you offer it, they will come)
@reuptaken :point_up:

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Like where you’re going with this @ElProgreso I’d love to see us leverage the bots on discord. Yearn has an amazing set of sidebar bots for example.

Liquidations could just embody whatever alert @cmooney has going off in the middle of the night…just make it a bot instead.

Also my two GWEI, I would avoid specific ticker talk like MKR trading , I think market talk would capture the same sentiment just fine.


This feels maybe a little too granular. There are some good ideas in there though. I’ll definitely add the following:

  • Announcements
  • Resources
  • Liquidations

I think we’ll maybe wait and see how well-frequented the server is before making the channels too specific. If we get to the point where we need to split up the channels to handle traffic, then we’ll come back to this list.

@twblack88 with respect to bots, I’m less worried about getting them setup for when we migrate. They’re definitely a nice-to-have rather than a necessity. Still, it would be nice to have MKR, ETH and gas prices at the least.


Yes agree — I was just thinking the same. Perhaps also avoid any links to Oasis? And liquidations.

Also, the bot idea is great!

Edit: and yield farming with DAI :laughing: (that was not a good idea)

Agreed. It’s best to start small.