Discussion about MKR mining drop by making DAI with part of MEGF‘s Mkr token

Is there any possible that Makerdao lauch a MKR mining drop by Making DAI, and the MKR token could take from the Maker foundation (MEGF—Maker Ecosystem Growth Foundation), maybe just a small part of it.

This way will increase the Dai supply quickly, and made DAI to better first mover advatage; also more MKR drop to user will improve the Governance. now COMP drop show the significant advantage to the market share for Compound

AND the MKR drop from Maker foundation will make more holders of MKR, and will help to build a self-governing DAO for Maker Dao.


I agree that not diluting MKR and not implementing negative interest rates are prerequisites.

We can also use the MKR repo model on the secondary market. After implementing liquid mining, our interest rates will also rise. Use daily income to repurchase MKR and then allocate it to lenders. Maintain a balance between income and expenditure.

Equivalent to 0 interest rate, but the effect will be better than 0 interest rate.

If the MKR tokens come from the Maker Foundation, then I admire their bravery and dedication.