[Discussion] Core Units Feedback

With 3 core units moving into Executive next week, 5 more in RFC, and quite a few in draft stage (Tracker), I’m starting this thread to gather feedback and sentiment on Core Units developments. Honesty is welcomed here, we’re all trying to make a better DAO.

I’d love to hear your perspective on how core units are developing. How would you like to see these core units further developed? What do you believe is working? What isn’t working? What areas can be improved?

For better discourse, I suggest splitting topics into segments such as:

  1. The Core Unit Framework current experience and process
  2. Diversity and quality of core units being proposed and onboarded
  3. General Budgets (accounting, amount, etc)
  4. Aspects that should encompass consistently across core units vs on an individual core unit level

There will be a separate forum thread about incentives and vesting.

Additionally, to get a full perspective, it would be helpful to include your participation: ie. new community member, Governance community member (MKR holder or active participant) and proposed a core unit, contemplating proposing a core unit, will not form a core unit, etc.


Hi Amy - is this still the right place to ask questions about and/or give feedback on the Core Unit Framework? If not, could you point me to where I should be asking this?

My specific question is the following - what happens if a Core Unit underperforms in some way? What oversight procedures do we have, aside from decreasing or removing funding to the CU via a governance vote? For example, a CU like Risk always needs to exist and cutting funding is not really a good solution. If it performs poorly by some arbitrary metric, what happens next?

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The key is to as quickly as possible move to a state where we have multiple independent core units within each vertical that work in parallel and have overlapping skillsets with each other, so you don’t rely on any single bottleneck of heroes that can extract rents from the DAO or even take action to prevent others from learning their skills. As soon as there’s this kind of competitive and diversified ecosystem it becomes a lot easier to just offboard the worst performing teams without having to worry about major disruption.

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The hiring of more Women within the proposed Core Units. This space is in need of diversification and opportunities for people of All walks of life. Especially women.

BTW, I’m totally loving Brian’s Breaker meme:

You see, with just one meme you can literally start a Women’s Core Unit for all-things-Breaker. :cool:

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