[Discussion/Request] DAO's Organigram

Dear all,

I’m on this forum since a few weeks now, spending
several ten hours to read everything. It’s now time for my first topic and ask for your help. If it’s not appropriate please remove it.

Since few days/weeks there is a lot of topics regarding compensation or group organization . See 2 examples.

Those questions are essential in a DAO, if you want people to be involved, and things to be smoothed and organized.

I’m active is several other DAO where things are simple. You have a multi-sig, a treasury, the protocol generates fees which goes in the treasury and then the multi-sig decides (with or without the approbation of the DAO) how to compensate active members.

Maker DAO is an incredible “structure” but it’s very complicated to follow and to understand who is doing what. There is also a foundation. What is the foundation exactly ? How is linked to the DAO.

There are pieces of answer everywhere on this forum. But I didn’t find a very clear answer. If I didn’t search properly please let me know.

So my question is: Do we have an organigram explaining how it works and how different “entities” are linked. And if not, do you think it’s a good idea to make one.

It will help a lot to understand, and then be able to answer questions about organization/compensation. Always better to give feedbacks when you really know how it works.
And I think it can also be useful for topics like this one (see above). As it can be use in articles presenting Maker to new users.

[Informal Poll] Media production for MakerDAO


The subject is super interesting but we are still in the process of building the structure so it’s not fully clear.

The Foundation has launched MakerDAO and is still financing all the workforce. But they no longer can be involved heavily in the project for legal reasons.

There is currently no multi-sig but the governance (MKR holders) can decide to “suck”/print DAI from the Maker Protocol (it’s a sort of multi-sig with all MKR token holders). We currently can issue 4M DAI before going into trouble. We are generating 15M of fees yearly most being used to buyback and burn MKR tokens. We have the MIP14: Protocol Dai Transfer Update for making payment (but not used yet, probably next month).

Hope it helps a bit.


Very good questions and observations Cryptouf. As Seb mention above these are processes that are not fully cleared–but with All the talent we have here, I have no fear it will be accomplish.

One way I like to think of it is that this is OUR DAO. There’s no more leaning on a foundation, as it is no secret the Foundation will unwind. One interesting way of accessing our resources was posted on here a few months back by LFW and it is a super interesting way to get quick payments to–as an example–but Not Limited to the Vault Compensation Working Group, Grantees, etc. is via the FlapperDistributor, A.K.A. keg.sol


Does that include 0% income from stablecoins? Since DAI is above the peg - the ETH SF should also be 0% so the real income is mostly coming from wBTC. Since the income from wBTC should probably be saved in case of a black swan wBTC event, the real spendable income is closer to $0M.

It’s funny–two summers ago Balaji Srinivasan tweeted:

“But I think one candidate for the next SV is the cloud itself. Pure remote work orgs today. Tomorrow, incorporated via smart contract and paid in stablecoins.” --Balaji via Twitter 06/29/2019

It is here, the time is now.


Hi @SebVentures. thanks for your answer and sorry for my late answer.

Ok ! I didn’t know that.

Ok. But I also saw that MakerDAO also post some job offers (https://makerdao.com/en/careers/listing?gh_jid=4947213002). So it’s the DAO ? not the fondation ? So who decide to hire someone ? (ps: i applied by curiosity)

To come back to my initial question and based on your answers. Do we have a topic or an article, where we can find all people involved in the DAO ( name + role + salary) . Involver = all members, but lets say with an ottficial role. Like faciliators … Or a table with names and what people receive as a salary ? As Yearn does for exemple: https://gov.yearn.finance/t/recurring-grants-via-ygift/8455

Because I’m personnaly still very confused to have a clear idea of who receive fix salary, who receive grants, who is not able to receive Source cred rewards… So I personally found it very hard to give feedback on things concerning remuneration/grant if everything is not completely clear .

Thanks again for you answer, i have few more topics to read. ! :partying_face:

That’s unfortunate but the Foundation is still using the MakerDAO brand. Not that it is a priority currently on our side to have a website to manage. There is no CommDev team at the DAO but there is one at the Foundation. They do CommDev work for the DAO. It works fine that way, maybe they will join the DAO one day.

I fully understand your need for having a contributor list but there isn’t one I’m aware of. I made a template some weeks ago but didn’t get much traction.



Ha yes, in fact, not a lot of participation. Is it official role, or what people can do ? In other word, can i aslo add my name on that list with my skills ?

Seems like @prose11 launched a movement :slight_smile:

Just ask for editor access and let’s see where this goes.

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Definitely encourage all the working teams to add to this list! Seems like the easiest way to start to get some groups together. I know there was some concern about legal risk, but this is a google doc with our handles (something that could be piecemealed together just from forum posts. @Cryptouf things are a little slow right now with the holidays, but I definitely encourage you to add your name to the list! When things pick back up in Jan. there will definitely be some working groups excited to have you. Are there any particular areas you’d like to be involved in?


@prose11 @SebVentures

I have an excel sheet for a contributor directory. It contains contact info so I don’t feel comfortable sharing it in public. It has been a side-project of mine for a few months with the intention of releasing it as a tool for contributor relations and to try to map MakerDAO as an org of contributors.

The Sheet attempts to map people to their participation in various projects and working groups. This makes it comfortable to have a list of all the different official and unofficial teams that have been forming at MakerDAO. Here is a snapshot of what that list looks like today:

The numbers in the active/inactive/unsure columns are inaccurate as they may still be missing people.

Currently, I have 65 individual contributors on this sheet with many still missing.

The two paths available are:

  1. It remains under private permissions and is used as a tool by the Operational Support Domain Team, or whatever team eventually becomes the equivalent of HR/Contributor Relations.
  2. It is converted into a publicly-viewable directory with RC/Forum handles only.

Likely, both paths will be followed eventually but it depends on discussions with the teams and contributors. I would love for a public version of this sheet to exist and be used to generate a potential org chart. For now, this is being worked on rather slowly and is changing often. I am still experimenting with the best way to organize and format this thing.


And to answer @Cryptouf’s original question, yes, I think an Organigram of MakerDAO would be super useful. If anyone is interested in making one, reach out to me after the new year with a proposal!


I can help by writing articles, tutorials or with translation (in French). I like to share with the big and growing French-speaking community.

I think Maker is one of the pillars of DeFI. But unfortunately a lot of users don’t know what is Maker, how it works and why it’s important. And when I see the quality of this forum, the quality of the website … I really don’t understand …

Thanks @Davidutro. I think it’s a good start, just need to know who is in each category and add how they are funded (and maybe the amount).


Wow, personally I think French Translation would be a huge help. I don’t know if you’ve seen the Maker Relay that gets put out about once a week, but we currently post it in English and Spanish. French would be an incredible addition IMO. Do you have an account of Rocket.Chat yet? Let me message a few people and if you could either post your handle here or message me on Rocket.Chat (I’m prose11 over there too) I’ll hopefully be able to get someone in touch with you by the new year!

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This is really incredible @Davidutro!! I agree that both would probably be ideal, that way we have a forward facing doc for people to get in touch as well as an HR tool for keeping track of everyone. If there’s anything I can do to assist (don’t wanna speak for @SebVentures but I do have a feeling he’d be down as well) please let us know! I don’t know what the proper channels would be for making this happen, but at the very least if you needed a proposal to present I’d happily lend my time to it

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Yes I saw it. And I’m always amazed to see the quantity and quality of work. I hope a lot of people are reading it !

I do have an account, even if i never really used it. My handle is also cryptouf .

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