Display MakerDAO Mission Stmt on Forum Front Page

Hi, I’m new to MKR governance, love the community here. I’d like suggest displaying MakerDAO’s mission statement on the front page of the forum to guide day-to-day governance actions. This will be very helpful to newbies like myself. Thanks!

P.S. mission-driven tech company like Tesla display their mission statement (“Accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy”) on the wall of every Tesla office/store, I find it very powerful.


I think we do need our self-description somewhere more prominent.

But to do that, I think we need to actually sit down as a DAO and decide what that mission statement is. Given how Maker has pivoted since inception, it would be appropriate to have an updated mission statement that reflects current priorities.

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A mission statement is definitely needed.


I think MakerDAO really has two mission statements: one for DAI owners and one for DAI generators. For DAI owners, we aspire to offer the most stable store of value that is secured by math not by military might. For DAI generators, we aspire to offer competitively priced interest rates on collateralized loans. Or maybe there is a mission statement that blends both of these aspirations together?


It would be best to have one mission encompassing both.

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An observation, the MKR forum seem to be by far the most active as seen in number/quality of new posts and reply discussions, comparing with UNI and YFI which I also hold tokens and visit the forum everyday. I guess that means MKR has the best operating DAO in place?

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You might be right in that the signal-to-noise ratio seems very good here. I think SourceCred is partly responsible for that.


Our mission is to lead the charge to a transparent financial system, secured by math not might.