Done: Review the Questions for the revised MCD FAQs


We are looking for members of our community to look over the questions of the revised FAQs for MCD.

Our goal is to release as many of these as we can at the time of MCD launch. We’ve determined a short-term priority list as follows:

  1. Liquidation
  2. DSR
  3. Stability Fee
  4. Emergency Shutdown
  5. Oracles
  6. Keepers

The working document with the question list for all of the prioritized FAQs can be found here:

Questions List

Anyone can come into this document and contribute. The rules are very simple, use strikethrough for removing obsolete questions, use bold for new additions.


Edits should:

  • Add useful questions that we may have overlooked
  • Remove questions that are obsolete or questionable
  • Edit the wording of questions to be clearer or more in-line with MCD
  • Rearrange the order of questions to be more logical


You don’t need to reach out to anyone in order to help here. Just jump into the working doc and give us some good feedback and edits.


Check out this Bounty. For any accepted change you earn 5 Dai :slight_smile:

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@Davidutro Hi Mate,

I can give you guys a hands on this if still needed.

I can start tomorrow.

Just DM me, or i will do it .

Have a good evening !

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Sure thing, I will send you a message once we have the next bounty ready. We will be asking the community to offer suggestions for fixes and improvements of the FAQS.

The bounty for one of those will be put up later today or tomorrow :slight_smile:

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He sir ! @Davidutro

I don’t need the bounty for now, i will just do it for free i don’t really mind honestly

I like Maker and if i can contribute to something that will lead to something, i’m in !

As long as you keep this things up and make it run to the next horizon, we can do something good.

When i say (we) i really want a be part of something.

I have to say i am a bit lost since i try to learn code, artificial intelligence, but cryto was a hobby for me to learn new things a while ago.

Just buzz me up if anything, but i can translate, and do the FAQs as much i can.

I don’t have much time today, maybe tonight, since i have a Hosting event at my appartement on Sunday but i will have some time of course.

I really thanks you for all, you and Maker… it help me to keep my brain alive haha

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