DSR Spread and Friday's Executive

As it turns out, the executive today was supposed to include an increase of the DSR from 0% to 0.25% according to this MIP subproposal.

Because we haven’t touched the DSR in a while, everyone missed this until the last moment. (Thanks to @cmooney for being the first to remember + @Kurt_Barry for telling me.) As a result, we’ll make this DSR change in the MIPs executive on Monday rather than in the executive today.

If the community wants to change how this works (currently the DSR is set to follow the base rate.) Feel free to signal on the issue.

It was my job to keep track of this, so apologies to all for the oversight.


Correction: Chris Mooney ( @cmooney ) was the first to remember. I just make a lot of noise :).


But if anyone wants to kill the messenger, Kurt is your man.


Is it safe to assume that no one actually wants to raise the DSR and this is a technical issue? Seems like a strange thing to do while we’re still above the peg.


raising DSR makes zero sense to me right now anyway, so thanks :wink:


Pretty much agree. It’s still going to go in on Monday though, unless the community signals against it before then. Just needs to be something along the lines of ‘Keep the DSR at 0% until further notice.’

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For those who want to avoid that, there is an urgent signal request for that [Urgent Signal Request] Keep the DSR at 0%


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