DUX Roadmap Spotlight: Q1 2022

:microphone: :movie_camera: Instead of reading, also consider watching the recorded walkthrough below in which I’ll talk you through this update.


Hey everyone!

Happy New Year, on behalf of the DUX team! We hope everyone had a happy and healthy start of 2022. We’re eager to kick off our quarter by introducing a new concept for team updates to MakerDAO: Roadmap Spotlight—a quarterly update cadence from our team!

Every three months we’ll share an elaborate forum post and pre-recorded walkthrough in which we’ll wrap up the past quarter and commit to a focus for the next quarter. We’ll touch upon prior commitments and the progress we’ve made, lessons learned, and the prioritised themes for our roadmap. Enjoy the read and please do reply below if you have questions or suggestions!

Looking back: Q4 2021

The past quarter was our first quarter as an official Core Unit since graduating from the SES incubation program. It’s been an incredible few months in which we were able to build our processes and sprint cadence, build a fun team dynamic and meet a lot of MakerDAO people in real life.

:bulb: For those who are not yet familiar with the DUX (Development & UX) Core Unit, please refer to our Notion website.

What we’ve committed to

Here’s a full list of the commitments we’ve made in September 2021 during our CU’s launch pod call :point_down:

What we’ve delivered

Here’s the current status of the aforementioned commitments. Refer to the recorded walkthrough for an elaboration on each of these. :point_down:

All full release notes can be found here on our Notion website. Here’s a list of the delivered features since September 1st. :point_down:

:hammer_and_wrench: Please do note that a lot of beneath-the-surface engineering and research work has been delivered in addition to these tangible features.

What we’ve learned

Through better mastering the codebase of the Governance Portal, staying in tune with development trends in DeFi, and also through incidents we have amassed a lot of learnings these past three months. These lessons learned were used to define improvement points and roadmap items, which we also address in this forum post.

Our main lessons learned in the past three months are listed below. Refer to the recorded walkthrough for an elaboration on each of these.

  • Frontends are part of a dapp’s attack surface (eg. BadgerDAO)

  • There are opportunities for simplifying and modernizing our stack

  • The Governance Portal needs better error handling

  • We need to be mindful of third-party dependencies of our apps

  • We need holistic automated tests that cover edge cases which are hard to manually test

  • We should include feature usage in our prioritisation framework

Looking ahead: Q1 2022

Team goals for the new year

To kick off the new year we have spent two days doing FigJam workshops and discussing focussed topics, which helped us define a focus and progress on more abstract but important initiatives. Team goals for 2022 included a sharper focus on security and testing, working more data-driven, making time for longer-timeframe work (eg. L2 integrations, gamification) and maintaining a fun and healthy team vibe. Personal goals for 2022 included more engagement with the MakerDAO community, more writing/blogging/Tweeting and a renewed focus on personal productivity.

Roadmap focus

As explained in our Launch Pod presentation back in September 2021, DUX team does not work with static roadmaps. We work with a fluid roadmap based on constant prioritization of work items, based on collected input from multiple sources.

:dart: Please refer to this page on our Notion website for more info on how we build and prioritize our roadmap.

Our roadmap focus for Q1 2022 is centered around three themes:

  • Security :shield:

  • Scalability :rocket:

  • Interactivity :speaking_head:

Below you’ll find a list of specific features, improvements and initiatives we have defined for each of these themes. Most of these apply specifically to the Governance Portal. We are very eager to hear your ideas related to these themes, so please do share them in the comments below!

Roadmap theme: Security :shield:

  • Deep code refactor to replace dai.js dependencies
    – Deprecate dai.js, a Javascript library once started by the Maker Foundation that we have been maintaining thus far. We consider dai.js as obsolete since it has many (superior) open-source alternatives, has zero community engagement and incurs significant engineering overhead to maintain.
    – We expect that this code refactor will make the Governance Portal more stable & secure, but also more future-proof and easier to work on.

  • Improvements to testing suite and practices
    – New system for integration testing
    – More and better e2e integration tests
    – Explore replacements of local testchain (ChaosLabs is working on something cool :eyes:)

  • Refactor native hardware wallet integrations

  • Integrate with more wallets (eg. Gnosis Safe)

  • Refactor vote proxy creation feature

  • Redesign token approval flows for improved security and user awareness

  • Book an external security audit for the Governance Portal

Roadmap theme: Scalability :rocket:

  • For short-term results
    – Explore gasless voting mechanisms
    – Decide on applicability of gasless voting w/ @GovAlpha-Core-Unit
    – Implement accordingly

  • For medium-term results
    – Investigate governance/voting initiatives leveraging zero-knowledge proofs (eg. StarkNet ecosystem)
    – Investigate Snapshot x StarkWare collaboration

  • For long-term results
    – Start exploring the applicability of Maker Wormhole to Maker’s voting system (ie. move governance voting to L2 completely)

Roadmap theme: Interactivity :speaking_head:

  • Explore integrations between the Governance Portal and the Governance Forum (using the Discourse API)

  • Explore methods to export poll votes and comments to other channels (eg. Governance Forum)

  • Implement push notifications using EPNS

  • Implement richer hyperlink embeds for the Governance Portal

  • Explore integrations with governance aggregators

:crystal_ball: :sparkles: In addition we are working on a little surprise that we’ll tease soon. Something something landing page.

Wrapping up

In addition to the above, here are some miscellaneous team updates:

Our team runs on community input, therefore I want to close with a call-to-action:

:mega: Do you have any feedback or feature requests for the Governance Portal, or ideas for improving Maker’s governance UX in general? Please reach out in the comments below!

:sparkles: Thank you for reading! :sparkles: