Error in Vault Compensation Poll

So it looks like I screwed up when I submitted the Vault Compensation poll at the weekend. It was intended to use the IRV ranked voting option rather than the plurality option.

Unfortunately with Labour day, it may not be fixed until tomorrow. Please hold-off on voting for the time being.

Once I can coordinate with Foundation people, I’ll have them remove the poll from the front-end and I’ll replace it.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I’ll add an item to my checklist to double-check this option specifically in the future.

Edit: New and correct poll is now live


The incorrect poll has now been removed. I’ve deployed the new (hopefully fixed) version, which should be on the portal in an hour. The duration has been extended so that it’s still two weeks long. I’ll provide a link here when it’s public.

New version is also incorrect. Looks like it may not have been an input issue. Will get this one removed while we investigate.

The fix is going to have to wait til tomorrow at least given Labour day and the fact that we aren’t sure what went wrong.

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Okay, third time is the charm. New and correct version is now live:

As it turns out, this was caused by a missing underscore in the preamble section of the poll text which made it past my review. I’ll be keeping an eye out for this in the future.

Apologies again, please vote and help us make progress on this issue!


Thanks LFW

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